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Spice Up Your Weekend With These Funny Pictures

Being happy is the goal of every man and woman. Sometimes situation prevents us from being happy and healthy. Being happy is a choice, sometimes it is necessary we forget some of the things that cause us pains and feel happy again, think like financial problems, health problems, stress from work or home, depression, and heartbreaks. Too much thinking isn't good for our health as it leads to several health conditions that may be deadly.

This is the reason I have put together this funny picture and memes to help spice up your weekend. Here are funny pictures that will help you very refreshed.

Life is too short for us to fill our minds with negative thoughts. Being happy helps in healthy living and aid you in living a longer life. You should learn to manage stress and living a better life.

Giving up is not the best option, failure is part of success when fail we get up with confidence and stand properly so as not to fall again. This funny article will help you in smiling again despite the struggle ahead.

Enjoy these funny jokes!

#1. I kept two cubes of sugar on the table. One smart Ant came and saw it, it was was all over the sugar licking it and was so excited and left, I know it has gone to tell other ants about the sugar. So I'm going to hide the sugar and clean that place, so that when they all come... They'll beat him up and think he's a liar! LOL. Am I wicked? 

#2. I never knew am this handsome until four ladies started dragging my hand in the market yesterday saying "Fine boy! Fine boy!! please come and buy yam."

#3. Imagine marrying a woman that loves watching Zee world. My brother your food will be burning extraordinary every day.

#4. Nigerians can make colour, which one is Coconut pink, Bread yellow, Akpu white, Crayfish brown, Okro green.

#5. That moment your village people are ready for you, they will just make you put on MTN T-shirt while going for a Glo interview.

Hope I made your day with this fun piece? Comment below and share your thought.

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