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95-Year-Old Indian Man Reveals Why He Trimmed Down His Hair After Keeping It For Over 40 Years

The world is full of surprises.Everyday matters keep arising and it is settled with time.Human are ubiquitous with different ideologies and perspectives about life but we keep surviving against all odds.Just like our faces are unique and different so our problems and thoughts are also different.

The Story of the 95 years old Indian man by name, Doddapalladia is an interesting one we all should learn from. The man revealed that he considers the hair as a blessing from the Hindu god, Shiva. He said that he hasn't wash or cut his hair for over 40 years now.

But recently, the old man has trimmed his hairs,giving reason why he trimmed his hair.To enable him move about, he has to coil his hair which is about 7.3 meters long around his head. Because of old age, movement has become a problem so he asks people around for help to tie his hair. So the 95 year old Indian man decided to trim his head for easy locomotion from one place to another.

Am happy that the Indian man trimmed his hair not because of his locomotion but for his hygiene. After seeing his hairs,I began to wonder the kind of lice that will be living inside the bushy hair. Your hygiene is of paramount and your priority.Remember health is wealth.

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