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What nobody told you about quick money

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Most people if not everyone wishes to make it big, to experience financial freedom where you have more than enough money to spend on all your heart desires. Money is not bad at all in fact money is something every person should have but the source and way which the money was gotten is what that matters.

Many people have lost their ways in the pursuit of money maybe due to what they are facing as a result of lack of money and difficulties in life. Some has lost their ways because of what they want and desire without regarding the consequences of their own actions or how their actions affects others, all they just want is the money and they want it NOW.

Please now listen. I know that we are in the 21st century and you must have heard or seen things change but there are things that don't and will never change like the foundation and principles upon which the universe was formed and the creator that formed it and put it into existence.

Every person that is born into the world lives, follows and is judged by the same principles and no person is above it.

You choose the life you want to live because of the power of choice and decision that was given to everybody, but any choice or decision you make in life has a resultant consequence. It might seem as nothing in the first place but for every action you make there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Back to the issue of quick money. There are many ways to get rich quick and easy but there is a perk to it.

But first what is QUICK MONEY?

Quick money is a money gotten through illegal means, money gotten through dirty mean, money gotten through evil means without regard to how it affects you or people around you and people concerned.

So what is it that nobody told you about quick money?


Such money and its glory is fake and can not stand when tested with time. Although at the beginning it might be all shiny and glittery but because the source of the money is not right with time it'll disappear.


quick money is not gotten on a Bed of roses. It has a very heavy price tag to get and maintain. This price tag can vary from one to another but most it involves taking a life or spilling blood. No matter what it is you do to get your quick money or any type of illegal, dirty or evil means the money comes from their is often a life or life lost in the process.


Such money is just for a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Because of how the money was gotten there is nothing good that will come out of it. Initially it might be as if you are seeing good but with time it will fade and go away like the wind. Do you remember this popular billionaire "Ezego". At a time in his life he was the cream at the crop but the end of story was not good. It is a lesson.


Because whatever a person does the reward is waiting for him. When you do bad prepare to receive bad, when you do evil prepare to receive evil, when you do good also prepare to receive good.

So check your steps carefully before you take them because it'll determine where you will come out so that you will not say nobody told you.

Hardwork pays and has it's own rewards.

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