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How Lack Of Money, Little Or No Movie Roles Contribute To The Disappearance Of Old Nollywood Veterans

Many veteran actors in the 80s or 90s are either dead, alive or have gone into oblivion. However, while many are alive and still active in the industry, some have been forgotten or have disappeared from the industry that sometimes only great or heartbreaking news jogs our memories back to them.

For me, the two reasons named in the headline of this article has been the major factor that has contributed to the disappearances of some old Nollywood veterans to date.

During the 80, and the early 90s, it's safe to say the actors earn little money that probably was only enough to feed their family with little or no savings at all. These actors became veteran actors these days but sadly most of them don't have enough money to produce movies and continues to be relevant in society. Due to their inability to produce movies, some of them get neglected which contributes to sickness, emotional stress and others.

According to Foluke Daramola, she is always sad when aged or generational actors called her on phone to ask for N3000 to buy drugs or food to take care of themselves. This is sad and speaks volumes about the sad ways some veterans are living despite the fortunes in today's Nollywood industry.

Another factor that contributes and affect the life of the aged Nollywood veterans is little or no movie roles which contributes to their disappearances from the Nollywood industry. The purge of young people into the industry has seen some old Nollywood veterans took backstage because of the competitiveness.

While many are fortunate to still get roles in the industry, some are neglected totally. In fact, with the help of make-up, some directors or producers use young actors to act the roles of an elderly person that should automatically go to some of these aged veterans.

Although, all this are gradually changing but according to Nollywood veteran in 2019, Eda Onile Ola alleges that some directors were not inclined to call most of them for movie roles anymore.

These veteran actors contributed heavily to the growth of the Nollywood industry in Nigeria. They should not be abandoned as most of them still can act in some roles in the movies produced nowadays.

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