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Meet Nigerian Beautiful Transgender, Dee Vah

A lot of people don’t know about Dee Vah yet who recently called out Bobrisky on her Instagram page for making people see the people in the trans community as retards. After she called out Bobrisky, she has gained the attention of a lot of people as they find it hard to believe she is a transgender because of how beautiful she looks after her transformation. There is no sign of masculinity on her new body. 

Dee Vah’s original name is Buchi Alexandra and according to her Instagram bio, she said she is a brand influencer and content creator. She also claims to be an activist and advocate. This might be the reason why she was advocating for the transgenders in Nigeria when she called out Bobrisky and told him that a crossdresser is different from a transgender and he should stop making transgenders in Nigeria look like bad people.

Transgenders are people who switch their gender, either from male to female or from female to male. This might be due to so many reasons. Some might not feel convenient in their original biological gender, so because they couldn’t choose their genders themselves at birth, they decide to switch their genitals and go for the gender that best suits them. 

So, this means Dee Vah was originally a male before he changed his organs to that of the female and you can see this in the before and after pics.

Buchi Alexandra (Dee Vah) currently has thirty thousand followers on her Instagram and this means she is already getting some popularity, because it takes some certain level of online presence to get that much followers. She looks like she is so proud of her community as she is never shy to speak of how proud she is to be a transgender and also tell how good it feels to be a female. 

What do you think about Dee Vah?

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