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Igbo Women Should Learn From the Yoruba Women on How to Kneel and Serve Their Husband His Meal

Dear Igbo women.....

If you kneel down to serve your husband his meals...

Kneel to greet or welcome him.

Kneel to thank him for any kind gesture... Like your Yoruba counterparts...

Its true that every tribe has their culture and traditions which they are known for, but in Nigeria as a whole when it comes to the Yoruba culture, it has never change, the way they value greeting, their way of kneeling which shows alot of respect but though we shouldn't judge a book by it cover

What wil happen if the Igbo wives decide to learn from the yoruba wives and kneel when they serve their husband his meal and also kneel to welcome him home and other gestures. I think that would help change a lot of things.


Will it take anything away from you.....???

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