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Beautiful Animation Pictures of Nicki Minaj, Which One Is The Best

All celebrity has that particular fan that loves them so much to the point of drawing them in form of an animation with out collecting money from the celebrity, (...that's cool right? I can't wait to see my own animation pictures one day...).

Today we are going to be looking at them.

1). This first one is very interesting because she looks like a warrior princess. But to be honest, o can't see the resemblance.

2). Now this one actually looks like Nicki, the person captured her colorful hair and her eyeliner to perfection.

3). This one also resembles Nicki.

4). This one looks like an anime character, but I see no resemblance to Nicki.

5). Her lip definitely looks like Nicki's and the whole look to it, she looks Egyptian.

6). Looks like a ✏ version of number 2.

7). This is for one of her recent songs, and I have to say that the resemble is there.

8). A beautiful perfect pencil work, this person was able to capture her facial features well.

9). Nicki looks so adorable here

10). Wow, I'm so speechless with this perfect animation picture.

So what do you think, which one is the winner?

Content created and supplied by: Wandyte (via Opera News )

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