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King Of My Heart - Book One.


Preeta Sai Dev is an ambitious young beauitful woman with the dream of going to college and become a well known lawyer in the whole of Delhi but that changed when she found out that she has a bethrothed who she will be married to in few weeks and that bethrothed she has never seen.

Siddhartha Kabir Petel is a handsome and well to do business man who based abroad. He was living happily abroad with his finacee when he was called back to Indian to get married to his bethrothed whom he has never seen before.

Will Preeta dreams of becoming a well known lawyer be fulfilled?

Will Siddhartha agree to this marriage?

Join me on this heart thrilling love story of Siddhartha and Preeta.


-General POV

"Mom, can I help in kitchen?", Poonam asked as she walked into the kitchen where her mother and aunty were preparing breakfast.

"Can you see that Aditi?, she wants to help in the kitchen now that we are almost done", Disha said teasily to her daughter while Aditi hide her smile but Poonam narrowed her eyes at them making them both to giggle.

Ding Dong!

Ding Dong!

"Go answer the door, seem someone is at the door", Disha told Poonam.

"I'll get it!", Disha first daughter yelled as she came down the stairs smiling widely.

Her hair were bouncing on one side of her shoulder, she looked beauitful in the red frock that she wore and her red dupatta placed on one side of her shoulder.

Her makeup was looking perfect, her red bangles were making tingling sounds on her every step.

"Namaste to you", a young man who was carrying a huge file and handbag on one side of his shoulder greeted when the door was open.

"Namaste to you sir, how may I help you?".

"I would like to meet miss Preeta Devi".

-Preeta's POV

"I would like to meet miss Preeta Devi", he said and I smiled.

"Am Preeta Devi".

"Oh, please sign here for me", he said showing me where to sign in his book.

He looks like a post man, I collected the pen from him and signed.

"Thank you and here", he said and handed me a brown envelope.


"Namaste", I said and he left while I shut the door.

I wonder what is in this envelope?.

"Who was that Preeta?", I looked up at my adorable but naughty younger sister who was walking up to me.

"It was a post man", I said then started opening the envelope and it was a letter.

"What is that?".

"I dont know", I didt look up while answering her cos I wanted to know what this letter says but I felt her presence beside me.

My eyes widened at the content as smile found its way to my lips.

"MOTHER!, MOTHER!, MOTHER", I yelled while running toward the kitchen and hugging my mother from behind.

"Mother I made it!", I said still hugging her tight with my eyes closed.

"Made what?", aunty Aditi asked but I was so excited that I dont know where to start telling them.

"Yes, what are you excited about?", mother asked and I gave her the letter to read for herself so I could catch my breath for awhile.

"I passed into college!", I half yelled cos I think my letter got mother speechless.

Poonam screamed before hugging me so tight and kissing my cheek so sweetly but mother and aunty Aditi didt show any sign that they were happy for me too.

"Mother?, aunty Aditi?, aren't you happy for me?", I asked and mother smile which made me smile in relieve.

"Of course am so happy and proud of my own daughter", mother said making me smile more wider.

"Why dont you go to the temple and thank the lord and then bring back some holy sweet from the temple for us to celebrate too", mother said which made me smile as I ran upstairs to get ready to go to the temple, I felt Poonam following me too.

Today is the happinest day of my entire life, i'll be going to college soon, its always been my dreams to become a lawyer.

The best well known lawyer in the whole of Delhi!.

-Disha's POV

"Why did you put so much hope in her heart when you know its not going to work out Disha?", my elder sister Aditi said when Preeta and Poonam had left the kitchen.

"What should I have done?, tell her that she will not be going to college ever?, tell her that her entire dreams has being scattered?, tell her that she has a betrothed who she will be getting married to in a few weeks, tell me Aditi?, is that what I should've said?" I asked and I heard her sigh while I gulped down the tears that were ready to roll down any second.

"Every passing month, every passing year, I knew this very day will come up but yet I have watched my poor Preeta grow up with her big dreams in heart which can never be fulfilled and her own mother can't even do anything to help her and achieve her dreams", I said breaking down in tears.

I felt shattered deep down, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and it was dear sister.

"Why can't you try and talk to Sai for one last time?, who knows?, he might have a change of heart since you're not in support of it", she said and i smiled out tears.

"I know my husband very well Aditi and I tell you, he won't change his mind at the last minute...even before Preeta was bethrothed, I told him to have a rethink but instead he said what he was doing was for his daughter future...future?, he should've also married Poonam out when she was still in my womb!".

"DISHA!", she yelled and I broke down in tears in her arms.

"Everything will be okay", she said caressing my dupatta that was covering my head.

* *

-Preeta's POV

"There is seriously no taxi on the road today, now i'll have to trek home on foot!", I hissed while mumbling under my breath.

Its been fifteen minutes since I left the temple and brought the holy sweets and offerings, now I want to head home but no taxi.

My feet are hurting and home is still faraway, I should've listened to Poonam and taken one of the cars with me but am so stubborn!.




It was a car blowing so much horn, but am not on the way then why this so much horn?.

No one apart from me is on this road cos I decided to take a shortcut so i'll be home more faster.


I looked back and my eyes widened when I saw a red BNW comning towards me, I wanted to run out of the way but it brush pass me already and I landed on the ground and everything I was holding fell too.

Who on earth drives off road??

I looked up cos I heard the car stop but my eyes widened when I saw who it was comning down with his friends and a dirty smirk which never leaved his face.

"I told you to drive slowly Shams, now you've hurt my princess", he scolded his friend but to me I know he was teasing me.

"My dear lovely Preeta, am so sorry for almost running into you, let me give you a hand", he said bringing out his hand to help me get up but I flinged his hand away and stood up while he showed me his stupid white teeth that I wish I could pluck out at once.

Arjeet Bakshl is an arrogant rich spolit brat.

He's a Casanova.

He has been asking me to be one of his stupid girlfriend since high school but I refused, am not that crazy like other girls who fall for his charms at one go.

He even tried forcing me but I reported to the school authories and it landed him into a lot of troubles.

"What do you want now Arjeet?, i am not in the mood for your troubles now", I warned as I bent down to pick up the tray and the holy offerings that was on the floor all thanks to him but he held my arm so tight.

"Wha...what are you doing now Arjeet?, let go of me now!". I warned but he didt let go but kept grinning.

"Oh my dear sweetheart sorry but you're looking so pretty today that I couldnt resist even if I wanted to", he said bringing his hand toward my face but I flinged his hand away and landed him a very hard slap that I think he won't forget anytime soon.

His friends rushed up to him as his hand was still on his cheek but a smirked appeared on his face which got me scared and surprised.

"You made me suffer just to get you Preeta and now you'll pay for that, get her inside the car", he ordered his friends and I tried to run but I felt two strong hands holding my arm and stopping me from running further.

"Le..let go of me you monsters!", I half yelled and struggled to get free but their hold on my arm was so strong, now am stuck.

Someone should just save me please!.

"Now not even the authories or your slap can help you now from me", he said with a smirk which got me shocked and scared too.

Someone help me please!.

"Put her in the car, quick!", he instructed his two friends who started pushing me toward his car while I tried to get free from their strong hold.



Its a car horn, they stopped and looked back to see who was blowing that horn.

I looked back too and I saw a man coming down from the car.

He was putting on sunglasses.

He wore black leather jacket.

His hair was styled perfectly on his head.

He looked okay.

Arjeet walked up to him while he walked up to Arjeet too.

"What do you want?", Arjeet asked and that was when he pulled away his sunglasses.

He looked so handsome.

Pray he will help me!

I closed my eyes tight not to think of what Arjeet will do to me but I heard a punch and I opened my eyes to see Arjeet on the floor.

Did he just punched Arjeet??

"HEY!!", the two holding me yelled as they let go of me forcing me to hit the ground.

I looked up and saw the handsome man beating them so hard that they both landed on the ground growling just like Arjeet.

"That'll teach you how to respect a woman, now run along or i'll punch you so hard again that all the bones in your body will scatter so badly beyond repair!", he half yelled as Arjeet and his friends weakly got up.

"This isnt over, you'll regret this", Arjeet said as he took steps back to his car.

He glared at me before getting into his car and driving off.

I closed my eyes in relieve that I was saved today by that man.


I opened my eyes and I saw him standing infront of me with his hand stretched out toward me. I hesitately placed my hand on his and looked into his eyes.

I felt my whole body tingle and my heartbeat increased, its as if everything around us just stopped apart from his eyes which were invading mine.

I looked away but yet my heart was still running a thousand races.

What is happening to me??

Why this sudden strange feelings??

"Uhmmm...miss, get up. I'll drop you to your destination", he said helping me up to my feet but I quickly removed my hand from his.

"Tha..thank you so much sir but I can go home by myself", I said bowing my head while arranging my dupatta that was on my shoulder.

"Am not going to do anything", he said calmly.

I know he wasnt going to harm me since he saved my life earlier, but I cant let him take me home.

A total stranger at that!.

"I know sir...but i'll manage...namaste", I said before turning to start my journey home.

"Wait!", he half yelled and I stopped.

I heard his footsteps coming toward me, so I turned and looked into his eyes which made my heart raced again, I looked down to stop this feeling of mine which is so strange and new to me.

"Let me stop you at where you'll get a taxi and am not taking no for an answer this time", he said and I looked up to see him smiling and that was the cuteness smile ever that I was so lost in them but I quickly averted my eyes to my playing fingers as I nodded.

* *

"I still do not understand Preeta, why didt you come back with the holy sweets?, my all hope was in the sweet", Poonam groaned before sitting beside me on bed.

When I came back I didt tell anyone anything that happened on my way and also the sweets, I just lied to them that I forgot the sweets at a place in the temple when I wanted to offer dua.

I feel bad for lying but I didt want them to get worried.

"Preeta why aren't you saying anything?".

"I already told you what happened", I said to my dear sister who loves sweets more than anything.

I heard her groan the more as I headed to the wardrobe and brought out a green frock to put on after taking a shower.

"This is really not fair!".

"What is not fair here now is by you leaving mother in the kitchen to do the cooking all by herself while you're here asking for sweets like a child".

"But anuty Aditi is helping out in the kitchen, so mother is not alone", she said and I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Fine!, am going", she said and left while I smiled at my dear sister childish acts before going into the washroom to take a shower.

-General POV

Preeta soon joined in the kitchen cutting vegetables and telling everyone how a successful lawyer she'll become and that breaks Disha's heart the more.

"Poonam, go check whose at the door", Preeta said to Poonam who nodded and walked out of kitchen.

Poonam opened the door and her eyes shines with happiness when she saw her father who had traveled for about a month now.

"BABA!!", Poonam yelled and hugged her father so tight and he hugged her too.

Preeta, Disha and Aditi also came out to see him as they smiled in happiness. Preeta went and touched his feet as he gave her his blessings.

"You're welcome Sai, i'll go get you a glass of water", Disha said and quickly went inside the kitchen.

Disha came out and handed Mr. Devi the glass of water as he gulped it down and handed the glass over to Disha.

"How was your trip?", Disha asked.

"It went okay", he said tiredly.

"Baba, what did you get for me now?", Poonam asked while sitting beside Mr. Devi on the couch and holding his arm.

Mr. Devi smiled and brought out a pack of chocolate and handed it to Poonam whose eyes widened in happiness.

"I can never forget to buy a gift for my princess".

"Thank you baba, you're the best", Poonam said kissing Mr. Devi cheek as the ladies giggled on their father and daughter love.

"So am not your princess too?, I also need my own gift baba", Preeta said with a pouted lips and her hand stretched out which made Disha and Aditi giggled.

"And why is that?", Mr. Devi asked teasily which made Preeta frown.

"Baba you'll have to give Preeta a huge gift after hearing this news", Poonam said which got Mr. Devi confused but Disha and Aditi knew what she wanted to say.

"What news?".

"That Preeta passed her exams and will be looking forward to go to college soon".

-Preeta's POV

"That Preeta passed her exams and will be looking forward to go to college soon", Poonam said and I bowed down my head with smiles.

I know he'll be more proud of me, I looked up and my smiles faded away cos instead seeing happiness and joy in his eyes, he had no expression at all, like he didt hear what Poonam said.

He stood up and stared at my mother who bowed her head and then he walked upstairs. I looked at Poonam who shrugged and I looked back at mother and aunty Aditi.

"Mother what is wrong with baba?, he didt seem so happy?", I asked walking to my mother who looked up at me and I could see that same expression of baba in her eyes but the difference is that hers are visible, but baba's isnt.

What is happening??

Why do I feel like they are hiding something from me.

"No my child, he's just stressed from his trip and needs rest now, he'll be okay by dont need to worry. Now get some sleep", mother said and I nodded with a fake smile.

"Goodnight mother", Poonam said and kissed her cheek before running upstair with her pack of chocolate.

"Goodnight", I said and kissed mother cheek with a smile and she smiled but that smile didt reach her eyes as always.

Something isnt right and I know it.


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