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Pictures from Aliya birthday photo shoot

Hello guys welcome to today's one of a year article today we would be looking at pictures from Aliya bimbo's kid birthday shoot

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This birthday has been going on, on all the social platform on Instagram on Twitter on Facebook e.t.c

But below are the before celebration shoot

Aliya is a pretty girl that clocks a year older every 15 July

Everything about the dress and her look is on point 😍😍wow so beautiful the girl looks to trumendous 😘😘its fatastic everything is on point🤩🤩that look killed it all😯😯

The gown looks perfect 🤤🤤wow i love the gown 😫😫what a really sweet baby girl 😥😥flawless i love it 🤯🤯

Happy birthday to you little Aliya

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