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5 Nigerian Male Music Artists Who Have Lost Their 'Magic'

There is nothing more disturbing than hearing or reading about an artist who churned out hits after hits, and suddenly decided that it's okay to travel on self-retirement without prior notice.

Below are five Nigerian male music artists, who once ruled the music space but have lost their magic in recent years. 

Terry G

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Alone, Terry G could magically sing the melody, change up the lyrics and titles, stamp another name on the piece and have millions rush it with love as though it's an entirely new song. Yes, he's the Akpako master, and for years, we accommodated him with his madness, enjoying equally of freedom he placed on our laps without the maximum amount as feeling like we'd got to have a talk time. 

For years, Terry G dished out hits, collaborated on successful songs, landed the most important shows, topped charts e.t.c until in recent year, he suddenly fell out of the surface of the world [so it seems] the once vibrant, carefree, highly successful speaking in not holy-ghost genius tongue, now's a shadow of his vibrant musically self. 

He now does club shows and even free shows to beat the dire need of staying relevant. Here may be a thought for the 'Madness' master - how about getting a songwriter, record a brilliantly hyper-active song, and put it out for your fans. 


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For years, 9ice gave us memorable hits delivered with great vocals communicated through his native language - Yoruba. His first two albums, Certificate and Gongo Aso, were singles which not only topped charts but also electrified them. 

9ice’s music was the soundtrack to some people’s lives as he had tracks that weren't only relatable but singalongs. His emergence on the scene was sort of a breath of fresh air in and out of the music industry. 

Fast forward to his marital woes and split from ID Cabasa, everything turned grey, and just like the trooper that he's, he struggled to stay relevant by releasing song after song, forgetting that there was a reason why he was loved some time past. Sometimes the key isn’t about the medium of communication sir. Find this fault and please make us all dance and sing like nobody is watching.


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Someone type in Ketchup singer on google and see the search result. In the maximum amount, as I would like to actually enter on this artistes, I feel the primary story you discover about him on google says it all…perhaps he has been that way for a long time. 

Dammy Krane

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Fine-faced boy in Chidinma’s {Story for an additional day]defining track Kedike, we all coveted and literary drooled over him when he finally dropped his songs. He has released one, which when put together should be an album and with it, he has lit hearts, charts, and stages. Krane, who hit the limelight in 2012, an equivalent year he was signed and released his first song titled, ‘My Dear’ was nominated among the ‘Next Rated’ artiste category at that year’s Headies. Fast forward to 2016 armed with ‘xteristics of a silly/jaw-dropping body of work’, it seems all Dammy Krane needed was four years to redefine the grace to grass story he so effortlessly created together with his sound.

Sean Tizzle

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February 22, 2013, this music maniac dropped what I call a special quiet single for a newbie, he dropped Sho Lee, sung in Yoruba, enjoyed tremendously well by the Hausas, Gbagis, and Fulanis. True story - I used to stay in the north when this song dropped and boy, the entire Jos town rocked the song. Now, if a song like this will rock a non-speaking Yoruba town, one can only imagine the welcoming havoc it wrecked in places like Lagos, Ibadan, and other Yoruba-speaking towns in Nigeria. Not stopping there, Sean Tizzle, went on to drop several other hits until in recent years he decided to say goodbye without saying a word. There's a reason why we allowed him to steal our hearts, he made MUSIC, he kept it originally simple yet epic just like the Koko master would put it -Suddenly! it seems that part of him has been toned off. 

Which other music artist do you think has lost their magic? 

Leave your comments below and don't forget to like, and share. 

Content created and supplied by: T_Cynthia (via Opera News )

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