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Meet The Nollywood Actress Who Gave Birth Before Time at 7 Months (Photos)

What is a Premature birth?

"This is a birth that occurs before the 37th week of pregnancy"

When it comes to celebrities a lot of fans seem to act like they know it all about their favourite celebrity, but on today's article I will share something interesting you didn't know about a Nollywood actress who goes by the name Annie Idibia.

Annie Idibia

Annie Idibia is a nollywood actress who is popularly known around Nigeria. She is the wife of Legendary singer Innocent Idibia with stage name Tubaba.

Annie Idibia and Innocent Idibia has been together for over 10 years and has been married for 8 years. They are both blessed with two beautiful daughters, (Isabella and Olivia)

Behind the birth every child is a beautiful story that only the mothers can tell. Annie Idibia happens to be a happy mum with a beautiful story to tell about her first fruit, Isabella.

Behind the birth of Isabella Idibia, she was conceive on the 7 months which makes her a premature baby.

During Isabella's 8th years birthday, Annie Idibia took to her Instagram page and wrote

"Thinking about Isabel makes me wanna cry sometimes my Sunshine.. had her on the last week of the 7th month of my pregnancy..she was sooooooo tiny,even to hold…. but she grew up to be that RARE child that never ever fell sick even as a baby, she’s been very healthy and strong and now even taller and bigger than all her mates, youngest in her class,but very Intelligent. My Good Luck Charm.. This child right here is the most caring and loving child I know..(not cos she’s mine) Yes Angels live amongst us and am soooooo blessed to have one as my child…"

See screenshot of what she wrote;

It's been 12 Years since the birth of Isabella and she has grown so much to be a beautiful, healthy, Intelligent and hard working child.

While on the other hand Annie Idibia has turned out looking beautiful, intelligent and strong despite her hard time coping with Isabella when she was premature.

Below are recent pictures of Annie Idibia;

Below are recent pictures of Isabella;

Isabella Idibia is currently 12 Years old and have enough reason to be grateful to God for life.

If you were in Annie Idibia's shoe would you tell the world the story behind your child's birth or keep it between you and your family?

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Image source: Instagram

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