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See list of your favourite Bbnaija housemates as super-heroes (pictures)


Likened to Superman because of his calm, good and well mannered charisma. A good and charismatic leader who is still trying hard to prove he is not in love but we all know our Superman has fallen deeply in love and it's not Lois Lane!😳


Likened to Oliver Queen who is very good with the ladies. Billionaire Playboy and a flirt who is so good with his sweet words and will make girls fall despite their unwillingness.😤


The young lad people looked down on because of his small physique and he doesn't have muscles like Superman. Guess what? This young lad turned out to be full of potentials and people are loving him already. Although his love life isn't going so well, he doesn't care about that. He just wants to make the people of his city proud. 💡


Likened to Wonder woman because of her good, strong woman attitude, together with her affectionate and passionate side. She likes Spiderman but also has an eye for bad boys like the Green arrow. She thinks Spiderman is too small for a big girl like her. Let's just say she wants a guy like Spiderman inside a body like the Green arrow. 😅


Good with the ladies, talented individual that also has deep love connection. He doesn't like to play around with ladies' hearts. He just want a serious and committed relationship with just one girl. Man is always serious and calm!!! 😚


We all know she's a sexy man-slayer who makes mighty men fall for her. She has guys tripping all over for her. She literally juggles them at the tip of her fingers. Sooner or later, she will be trapped in that thing called "love" where she will feel powerless and her sexy body won't save her. Let's just hope she doesn't lose focus especially for guys like Superman who is crushing heavily on her and keen on having her. There is also the Green arrow who can have any girl he wants but he doesn't have her time yet. Oh! There is also the Iron man who stopped trying to get her because he has no time to be playing around with someone who is just using him to pass time.🤦


The big guy that's stuck loving one woman. He gave his heart to just a girl. Only she has his "mumu button" and can switch his modes. Although all his muscles failed him, his girl was separated from him and he is not ready to move on.


A brilliant and powerful woman whose full potential was overshadowed by love and loyalty. She won't let anything get in the way of her and her man. "My ride or die" she calls him until... 💔


The dope black guy with humor and good skills. He keeps the atmosphere lively and cracks everyone up with his funny jokes. 


The wise manipulator and master of conspiracy. Do not believe him, he is not different from Lord Baelish. Adhering to his advice will just lead you to your downfall. We hope one day he won't put Ebuka and biggie at loggerheads. 😂

You can also add yours if your favourite isn't on the list.

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