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See over 20 pictures of Nollywood celebrities and their families. Whose family inspires you?

Family is everything. The love of the family is one important tool that keeps a person going in his life. Many celebrities are seen as if they are not humans but the good thing is that everyone has a place to call home. One of the greatest challenges of being a celebrity is that people will always look up to you and see what you have come up with not minding if that is your private life or not. Many of these people you see in the pictures are divorced especially the females with their children but that doesn't make the person homeless. Once the bond is there and the love of a family still revolves it doesn't matter how many day are before it could be called a family.

Being a celebrity it's not a day journey because one has to be ready to face whatever people have to say. Once you have fans who are waiting for your next move be ready to see them intruding in your private lives and do not let that scare you away. Some of these celebrities face some difficulties in their homes not because of what they do but because of what people said they do. Someone like Ruth kadiri once shared her photo on Instagram and one of her fans complained about her weight gain but lucky enough Ruth is one woman that understands maturity and her response so that's fun settled it when she told him that he is not her husband and therefore should not try to break her marriage.

Gone are the days when we thought celebrities were sent from heaven not knowing they are the same people that we're on our daily activities with. When I was a child I imagine what it could take someone to become a celebrity because I thought it was Supernatural only to grow up and even see some of them on the streets and even have words with them. These celebrities in the pictures below and their families have contributed so much to the entertainment life of the society and therefore the worth being celebrated.

Even though so many of them seem not to be so active in the movie Industry at the moment but that does not change the fact that they have been entertaining people and deserve recognition.

My prayer for this people is that God keep them in good health and bless the works of their hands especially those who have been helping the poor ones with the little they get

Who is your favourite among the families? Drop a word for them and make them feel special.

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