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30 Pictures That will Confuse You And Make You Look Twice At Before Judging

Pictures That will Confuse You And Make You Look Twice At Before Judging

Here is the mind-blowing pictures you will find interesting, you are going to be seeing below right away, I felt like I don't just want to see this funny pictures and let it go that way. I want you guys to see it also and your opinions and views are also welcoming about these pictures. 

However, I would like to also brought you five funny jokes that will make you laugh. There is time for everything time to laugh and time to cry, but this time is the time to laugh out your worries. Enjoy reading these funny jokes.

Let's start with confusing pictures that will make look twice at before judging.

1. In Nigeria, whenever rain is about to start, Nepa must take light... Pls is it written in the constitution???

2. When your roommate is a mountain of fire prayer warrior, you greet her "Good morning" and she replies you in tongues.

3. You keep sending mobile money to this unknown girl on Whats App just for online kiss. Bro you have internal bleeding.

4. I thought people said weed is bad... I just smoked it now and nothing is happening to me.. meanwhile I've sold my phone to buy airtime for my sim card, Do I need help?

5. Everytime do you know who I am? I'm a big boy. Only 4 weeks of lockdown all your money had finish for only food.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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