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How i escaped being used for money ritual by my boyfriend - Lady shares her testimony.

Truly, all that glitters is not gold and the story of a lady has confirmed the old saying.

A lady known as @ikpekachie has taken to twitter to share how she escaped being used for money ritual by her so called boyfriend who is now her ex-boyfriend.

The lady revealed the guy is so much a prayerful guy that if any lady sees him, she will think she has met a future husband whereas it's another story entirely.

The lady said the guy he met through a friend turned out to be what she couldn't thought of.

The lady revealed she was in his own on a fateful day after he called him to come and see some stuffs he newly bought which she has made up her mind to steal some things from his wardrobe since he is her boyfriend.

She went to his wardrobe and CDs fell from one of his clothes which she bend down to pick up. On bending, she saw a fine glide which she brought out to see what it is.

As she got amazed to see a calabash wrapped in red clothes and with shock, she shouted blood of Jesus.

It was this moment she stopped wondering why her boyfriend used to travelled from States to States.

On hearing the noise, her boyfriend came out to see what is going on as fear gripped her and on seeing the glides in her hands, he shouted at her to know what she's looking for in his shoe rack which she had to lie that she hit her leg on something.

Afterwards, he noticed a change in her mood which made him kept asking what's wrong with her but she lied to him that it is about the CDs she saw. She left him in less than an hour.

She was called by him the next day to let her know that he has a special treat for her but which she refused to go.

She told her mum and sister about it which they prayed fervently about but different thought never stop running in her mind.

She shares her testimony as she used the medium to advise ladies to be very careful of the kind of guy they follow as truly all that glitters aren't gold.

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