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Bobrisky’s Era Will Soon Be Over With What Is Happening Around The World, Especially In Australia

Bobrisky’s Era Will Soon Be Over With What Is Happening Around The World, Especially In Australia

The world is currently experiencing a drastic change, change in so many things but let us stick with gender, yes gender. Bobrisky is Nigerian’s most celebrated cross dresser who we do not even know if he really had a surgery or if he is deceiving Nigerians with make-up and female wears on social media platforms.

Nobody talks about transgender or cross dressing without first mentioning the name of Bobrisky, but that is about to change as real transgenders and intersex will soon be accepted across the world and in Nigeria. Top world governments are accepting the name INTERSEX to be a third type of gender in their national documents.

It won’t be long, that will get to Nigeria and once it does gets to Nigeria, some intersex who have been hiding and some transgenders who have been on low key would be recognized and become celebrated, even much more than Bobrisky.

Bobrisky is only using the heads of some Nigerians who agree to be deceived and is making a lot of money out of it, they are many who really want to be like him but do not know that he is only deceiving them. There is no atom of truth in him being a lady.

Recently, he deceived his followers with a pregnancy video and photo, just to make fun of them, he only used that to gather more followers, internet and social media presence and then revealed that he is not really pregnant.

Before he could reveal that he is not pregnant, trust Nigerian bloggers, they already found out and exposed him and what he was putting on to make it look as though he is pregnant. Bloggers and Vloggers teamed up with different pictures and videos showing how he was lying to his followers about being pregnant.

My advice to him though is, if he is really a transgender and not just a cross dresser, he should proof it to Nigerians and his followers online. But if he is only lying to make money and gain social media presence, he should be ready for a big fall.

See pictures of real transgenders and proofs, not our Nigerian Bobrisky.

The coming of the adoption of Intersex, as a third option in forms for the place of gender in Nigeria is coming soon, and when it comes, you guys should remember this little piece of writing.

All Bobrisky does is make-up and cross-dress, you can see real transgenders above.

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