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Tiwa Savage's intimate video: My thoughts on Tiwa's present situation

Notably, Tiwa Savage's intimate video has finally been leaked on social media. And, even though the alleged intimate video has not been proven to be authentic at this time; still, there is a striking resemblance between the lady in the clip and Tiwa. Nonetheless, as expected, it is already attracting diverse conversations online, with different opinions emerging. Honestly, as a fan of the talented female singer, I don't know how to feel at this moment. Indeed, I don't know if I should be a bit sad, because the leaked video is potential damage to her personality as a female & to her brand? Or, I don't know if I should be a bit happy, because maybe she can finally have a slight sigh of relief?

Moreover, in a way, the released clip is beginning to open up some curious questions that need genuine answers. For instance, some critics are arguing that why was the man's face not visible in the video, that it was only Tiwa's alleged face that was revealed in the leak. And, some other observers are even insinuating that, probably, the video might have been a setup against the female singer afterall.

* Tiwa Savage's alleged intimate video leaked online | Screenshot courtesy: MyLagosLately blog

Regardless of the present situation, I must commend Tiwa Savage for her ruggedness and refusing to be intimidated by some fault-finders. It should be recalled, that couple of weeks ago, the Nigerian female singer had cried out that someone was trying to blackmail her with her intimate videotape. And, that the person demanded a huge amount of money so as not to release the clip. But, now that the video is finally leaked, we don't know if she eventually did not pay the blackmailer, and probably that's why the person went ahead to release the clip anyways.

Nonetheless, the deed has been done already, and maybe it is now time to bear any potential consequences, and possibly limit the damage(s). Thus, to ease her process of moving on from this negative period, I'm suggesting 2 possible decisions that Tiwa has got to make from this moment onwards, as outlined below:

(1) Tiwa Savage needs to decide that she owes nobody an apology:

Already, on social media, I have been seeing some Nigerian female celebrities urging that she tenders an apology to fellow women over what they termed as 'shameful and embarrassing' leak. At this moment, I wouldn't want to pass blames or judge anybody involved. But, I simply want to encourage Tiwa that she DOES NOT owe anybody any apology. In my candid view, having an intimate video is normal for adults, and, of course, 41-year-old Tiwa is an adult who has the fundamental right to do whatever she desires. She needs nobody's permission to do whatever makes her happy, and she owes nobody any apology for having adult fun.

(2) Tiwa should focus on her music, and further improve her brand image:

At this moment, the heat is on, but eventually, the troubled period would blow over. Nonetheless, she needs to decide to have a positive distraction with her music craft. More than ever before, she needs to ignore the negative buzz with the leaked clip and possibly focus on making more hit music. In a way, I think this is also the period that she should further improve her brand image with a good blend of positive aura & efficient lifestyle.

Do you agree with me that Tiwa does not owe anybody an apology?

Share your comments.

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