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Fiction: Ebuka The Troublesome Boy Learnt A Lesson And Change For Good

Ebuka was my friend when we were in basic school. Looking at his physical appearance, you would know he was a troublesome fellow. He flew his shirt and hardly combed his hair despite that he was being whiped regularly for these offences.

"Ebuka, why is your head rough again today? If you can't comb your head, cut the hair instead," the headmaster said. He was a no nonsense man. No one disobeys his orders, except Ebuka. He punished him several times for flying off his shirt, and because of his obstinacy he recognized him.

“I don't want to cut my hair,” Ebuka answered fiercely. It was always a surprise to me when I heard him talking to the headmaster like that.

“The next time I see you like this, I personally will use scissors and cut it for you,” she threatened him. Ebuka just smiled. “And tuck in your shirt right now,” she ordered. Ebuka obeyed, and as soon as he moved some distance from Ebuka, he took off his shirt again. As if he was uncomfortable tucking in his shirt. The headmaster saw him and shouted at him, but the boy ran out. 

Now, Ebuka was in my class. He sat next to me in the second row. He always tell us funny and exaggerating stories demonstratively, and most of them were lies. However, we enjoyed listening to his stories. “My father wanted to buy a video camera yesterday, but when he got to the market, he had little short of the money by five naira, so he could not buy the video,” he once told us.

We would laugh even if we knew that he was lying. Then he had one terrible habit, which I did not even like. Each time pupils parents came to school, he would speak ironically about the parent. A boy named Friday, who was also our friend because he was sitting nearby, was ordered to invite his father to school because of something that he had done wrong, and when this parents came to the school, Ebuka laughed and whispered to me. 

“Look at Friday's father. He’s as thin as someone who from a refugee camp,”he said. 

I was shocked, although I restrained the urge to laugh. Ebuka didn’t just tell me, later, when we were int break, he said at the hearing of everyone in the class that Friday's father looked like a hungry man who had not eaten for six years. 

"Are you sure he did not run away from the refugee camp?" he asked friday and laughed. Friday felt bad. Although Ebuka had a special sympathy for me, and he was always ready to fight with someone for me, since he took my fight for himself and always defended me, but he did not spare me when my father came to school. My father was bald, and as soon as he saw him, he said that my father had sun on his head. The students laughed, and I was surprised that he told me that. Other children laughed at me more because they knew that I always laugh whenever he says something that is awful or bad about others.

Then one day his father came to school. His father was a very short man. I heard someone say this before, but I didn’t think it was so bad. Ebuka was even taller than his father. I have seen his mother before; she was quite tall, but when I saw his father so shkrty, I was amazed.

“So your father is a dwarf? And you know how to mock the father of other people, ”Friday told him with a laugh.

“I'm surprised,” I said. "There is no difference between your father and high malt bottle." High malt was a popular drink in those days.The bottle was very short and strong. Ebuka looked at me angrily. 

"Even you are making jest of my dad?" he asked in tears. He was embarrassed because people really laughed at him. 

“You did the same to me when my father came to school” I reminded him. “I can even put your father in my pocket,” said another boy named Chinedu, followed by a thunderous laugh. This really taught him a lesson, and he was calm until school, even the next day, he was as quiet as a mause that our teacher asked him if he was okay.

I really liked Ebuka. He was a great friend, and he always made me laugh. I could say that he was my best friend in my class, but somehow, since he was crazy joking with my father, I used every opportunity to laugh at him, and I always laughed well. He enjoyed it when I laughed at his ridicule at others, but when I laughed at him, it hurt him, and I was pleased. 

So, there was a teacher named Mr. John, although we all called him Mr. Slouch, because whenever he wanted to whip a pupil, he will say slouch. At first I thought it was such, which I thought I had heard before, and sometimes I had to understand that it was a slouch. He was a basic teacher, and I was always afraid that he would be my class teacher when we got to the sixth grade.

One day, we were playing football in the classroom. it was wrong, but we, as children, were usually mistaken. No one saw him walking, we just saw Mr. Slouch standing at the door of the classroom. "Why are you playing ball in class?" he asked. He held his long cane, which was usually his companion, and this made him terrible. “We are trying to kick the ball away from the classroom,” said Ebuka. Some students laughed. Mr. Slouch grimaced. He entered the classroom. " Does it Looks like I'm joking with you?" he asked Ebuka.

"No sir," said Ebuka.

“I know you're a stubborn boy. Come here and slouch. I’ll give you five strokes if cane for not combing your hair, five more strokes of cane for not tucking in your shirt I the school and additional five strokes for playing ball in the class.” said Mr. Slouch

“Please, sir. I don’t feel well sir, ”said Ebuka. 

“Shut up and bend over,” the teacher said. 

“Please, sir, have mercy sir, I am very ill sir,” said Ebuka, taking a step towards the teacher and again retreating as if he were afraid.

“Come here and slouch,” Mr. John said. 

“Please, Mr. Slouch, I'm sorry,” said Ebuka.

The man was stunned. I don’t think he knew that the children called him that. "What did you just call me?" he asked, grimacing from his teeth.

Ebuka quickly moved, grasped the cane from the man and ran out of class. The children burst into laughing.

“Come back here. You are in trouble, boy, ”he said. He walked to the door of the classroom through which Ebuka passed. “What a very stubborn he is. I will deal with him later.” Mr. Slouch forgot all of Ebuka"a classmate and went to his class. We laughed.

Ebuka received a reprimand from the headmaster only the next day, when Mr. Slouch informed the headmaster about it. Ebuka came to school that day, he looked different.

His hair was combed properly and his shirt was clean, well-ironed and tucked in. The headmaster smiled when he saw him, and raised his thumb to him. Therefore, when Mr. John reported him master, he simply shook his fingers at him and ordered him to apologize to the teacher. One way or another, I think that the unrepentant stubbornness of Ebuka made the headmaster to like him.

A week later, my class teacher went to the teacher's meeting. she asked me to take care of the class and write the names of everyone who was noisy. Actually, I was not the class monitor, but my teacher loved me very much because I was very brilliant. Fortunately, Ebuka slept off in class that day, so the noise was reduced. However, Friday and Patrick were busy talking. They were discussing the movie they watched. I told them to stop making noise, “we are just not making noise,” Patrick said. I was silent and wrote down their names. Some children were afraid to make noise so that I would not write down their names, because whosoever name is written in the paper, they would be punished without pity.

When the teacher returned to class, he asked if anyone was made noise, and I gave him a list of 12 names.

He called them and gave everyone two strokes of cane, they were angry with me, the teacher asked why the name of Ebuka was not on the list, I told him that he was sleeping all the time.

“The next time writes his name for sleeping, he should read his book and not sleep in the classroom, because this is not his bedroom,” he said. Ebuka smiled.

During the break period, Friday threatened to beat me for writing his name as a noise maker. Well, I was very thin and weak in appearance, and also very gentle in appearance. Ebuka protected me since I was his friend, he was always ready to protect me. “If you dare to touch him, I’ll blow your face so that your people will not recognize you when you get home,” Ebuka warned Friday. "Shut up! I didn’t speak to you, ”said Friday with annoyance. "Dare you tell me to shut up?" Onuh asked. “You have a problem today.” Soon we went out to the field and played football when Friday and Patrick arrived. At that moment, when Ebuka saw Friday, he stopped playing and rushed to him. “Friday, repeat the bullshit you told me earlier,” he dared. 

Surprisingly, contrary to my expectations, Friday repeated the words, and Ebuka hit him on the chest and rushed to him, he jumped into the air to deliver a military strike, but Friday caught him in the air and threw him over his head. Ebuka fell like a bag of rice. He tried to get up, but Friday rushed at him and began to beat him. Friday was on it. “Mike, help me hold him, let me get up,” Ebuka shouted to me. I was laughing frantically. I didn’t move, I just laughed. It was a funny sight. 

Friday began to erase the dirt on Ebuka's face. At that moment, a teacher stepped in and the fight ended. Ebuka was breathing heavily. He was defeated, and I knew that if he decides to open his mouth, he will cry. The sight was funny. I escaped when I saw the headmaster. Ebuka and Friday later returned to class after receiving punishment from the headmaster.

The moment I saw him, I started laughing again. Meanwhile, I already told those who were not there what happened. “I don’t know why you are laughing. And it was because of you that I fought, ”he said. The more he speaks, the more I laughed. What happened, Ebuka? "A girl named Juliana asked." I thought you were a superman. “it was because I only took palp for breakfast, that’s why but If it was pounded yam, I would have beaten him blue and black,”he said. 

My laughter was uncontrollable. He looked at me and ignored me. After that day, Ebuka calmed down. He ceased to be noisy, and he changed. the end.

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