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5+ Things You Didn't Know About Scooby Doo

1. Scooby Doo Was Not Supposed To Be A Great Dane(dog breed)

The makers of the most loved cartoon series of all times, Scooby Dooby doo, initially wanted Scooby Doo to be a sheep dog, but ignored the idea when they found out that it would bring a striking resemblance with Red, the dog from Archie Comics. Scooby Doo is the most beloved Great Dane in cartoon history.

2. Iwao Takamoto Sketched Scooby As Inverting A Great Dane!

Japanese-American artist, Iwao Takamoto was given the responsibility of sketching Scooby's features, he consulted with Hannah Barbara who showed him the important points of a Great Dane that comprises of a straight back and small chin. Takamoto changed Scooby's structure to the opposite of a Great Dane and gave him a hump back, bowed legs, big chin and the wrong colour(Great Dane's are white with irregular black patches on their body).

3. Do You Know That Scooby's Original Name Is Scoobert Doo?

Scooby’s name was supposed to be Scoobert at first but Scooby sounded so much better! They stuck to Scooby because they got inspired from Frank Sinatra’s song, ‘Strangers in the Night,’ where he sings the lines that are the iconic lyrics of the show "Scooby Doobie Doo".

4. Scooby Doo Has Had 12 Versions Of The Show Since 1969

Scooby Doo has been made into 12 cartoon shows starting from the original one in 1969. The most popular among them are our favourite Scooby Doo, Where Are You? which aired from 1969-1970 and What’s New, Scooby Doo? which aired from 2002-2006.

5. The Show Was Originally Named “W-Who's Scared?”

Scooby Dooby Doo was supposed to be called "Who's Scared" but the makers scrapped that idea because it sounded more like a horror series that may frighten children. Hannah Barbara gets the credit of making Scooby(the dog) the protagonist instead of the other humans and is responsible for making it into a more fun cartoon show than spooky.

6. Teenagers Had A Lot Of Freedom In 1969

Do you know the real age of the characters in the cartoon? Shaggy and Fred are 17 while Daphne is 16, Velma is, well, 15, and Scooby is 7. They as teenagers or young adults had a lot of freedom as they would travel the country, solving mysteries without being accompanied by their legal guardians. And this was because in 1969, teenagers aged 15 - 19, could travel anywhere in the United States without their parents.

7. Velma Losing Her Glasses In The Show Took Place Because Of An Accident

Nicole Jaffe who voiced Velma accidentally dropped her glasses while she was reading out her dialogue. She said the popular phrase,"I can't see without my glasses" to the people around her and since then, this trend came into being. The character Velma loses her glasses a lot of times in the show.

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