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3 reasons Queen describes White Money as husband material

In a recent interview with NET, former Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Queen Mercy Atang described White Money as complete husband material. She added that she would love to marry a man like him. There were some things Queen noticed in White Money that earned him the name 'husband material', and I will reveal them in this article.

photo credit:@WhiteMoney/ Queen


1)Culinary skills:

While in the house, White Money took it upon himself to cook for all the housemates until the show ended. He did not give up or nag about the level of stress involved in the job. Believe me, many women appreciate a man who knows how to cook in a marriage. Some women tag such a man as stable, patient and the one who can offer them security and pleasure. In other words, someone who can be loyal in marriage; a man who does not mind cooking for the house when the wife is not available to do so.

And you can agree with me that many men do not have good culinary skills. Some men who have good culinary skills might not be patient to do the job. But White Money can cook very well and he is also patient and in love with the act of cooking. Queen was right to describe him as husband material.

photo credit:@WhiteMoney/ Queen

2) His daddy attribute

White Money knows how to take care of people around him, be it male or female. And this is one attribute that should be seen in a father. He took care of Queen and never allowed her to walk into trouble while in the house. He also pampered her a lot like a baby. Recall, most women love to be pampered like a baby.

3) White Money has a great sense of humour 

He also knows how to say, "I am sorry," even when he is not at fault just to let peace reign. He does not derive joy in dramas and quarrels. This is one of the attributes Queen might have noticed that prompted her to call him a husband material.No woman wants to be married to a man who derives pleasure in quarrelling with her.  

Do you think Queen and White Money might end up together as a couple?

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