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American Flash Vs Nigerian Max Speed?Who is the Fastest Speedster Among The Two?

In the world of superheros, we have seen characters with powers greater than what most an average human can imagine. There are speedsters, super strengthened hero's, anti-hero's, magical hero's and gods.

The Nigerian Comic Industry is also paddling through the sea of success in making some of the biggest African heroes of all time. With African setting and plotting, it boosted our morales that such feats are also achieved in our own Nigeria of all other African Nations.

The Flash

After being struck by lightning during an artificial storm in his lab, Barry Allen turns out to be one of the fastest superhero and also one of the most dangerous of all. This is because he has the whole speed force to his call and he can travel through any point in time.

He has so many feats that even Superman can't boost of like outrunning death, cloning his own replica, throwing lightning, defusing nuclear weapons and many others.

He is claimed to be the fastest Superhero in DC.

Max Speed.

Just like the Superman, our African speedster- Max Speed is yet to discover his full potentials but he is surely fast enough to defuse an already detonated self-destrution bomb within nanoseconds. Running is his thing and he has always help his team in his best way to take down villians and super villians.

If by chance a global war of Speed broke out in the comic world do you think Max Speed can take on The Fastest Man Alive?

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