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Lyrics Of Kelegbe Megbe By Adekunle Gold

I don't know why people do it but it's natural for people to challenge established authority. In every hierarchy, there's always some people who try to supplant the boss or challenge his supremacy. So as a boss, you have to ensure you remind your minions everyday that you're the boss, still the boss and will always be the boss! 

That's what Adekunle Gold is doing with this track, as he reminds those that are trying to rub shoulders with him, that he is the definition of class and no one comes close.

The song explains itself and Adekunle Gold makes himself pretty clear when he says Ogogoro is not Vodka and Coat is not on the same level as 'Agbada'.

Check out the amazing lyrics to the fire jam titled "Kelegbe Megbe" below.

Released in June 2019, the song was an immediate hit with fans across Nigeria. The lyrics continued Adekunle Gold's evolution into a musical Titan. He uses the lyrics to distance himself from common comparisons using the international/local juxtaposition to shed clarity on his status as opposed to those of others and when you look at it in sharp contrast, it's hard to argue with the singer.

The lyrics also carry a message for his listeners – you're not a lowlife, you have level. So regardless of situations, know your position and don't settle for less.

Track Info

Song: Kelegbe Megbe

Artist: Adekunle Gold

Released: June, 2019

Producer: Sess

Pico Rating: 7

Content created and supplied by: Pico (via Opera News )

Adekunle Gold Kelegbe Megbe Nigeria Ogogoro


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