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Check out the top 10 most expensive wristwatches in the world

   Luxury watches are among the most sought after and impressive technologies. By combining the best of art, history and design skills, the prices displayed can add up to millions. 

From a 55 million dollar diamond to a watch ordered for Marie Antoinette in the 1700s, we have compiled a list of documents. Check out the 10 most expensive watches in the world to date.


   Hallra in Graff Diamonds - $ 55 million

   Diamonds at Graff The Fascination - $ 40. million

   Breguet # 160 - $ 30 million

   201 carat Chopard watch: $ 25 million

   Supercomplication Patek Philippe - $ 24 million

   Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch: $ 18 million

   Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona - $ 17.8 million

   Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 - $ 11.1 million

   Vacheron Constantin 57260 - $ 8 million

   Hublot Big Bang - $ 5 million


   The list of the most expensive wrist watches is the Graff Diamonds hallucination. Opened with a Baselword watch and blonde jewelry, this unique watch is made up of 110 carats of diamonds. 

Diamonds of all colors, including fantasy pink, fantasy yellow, fantasy green and fantasy blue and cuts, including emerald, heart, pear, marquise and stockings, combine to create this wonder. this moment.


   Known for its luxury jewels, the Graff Diamond Watch produces the Fascination watch, which contains a 152.96 carat diamond with a 38.14 car pear-shaped center D-shaped Flawless diamond. module. 

The center of the diamond is inserted into a ring which can be worn separately.

3. BREGUET NO 160- 30 million dollars

   The original version of this watch would have been ordered for Marie Antoinette by one of her lovers. Abraham-Louis Breguet started working on the watch in 1782 and Marie Antoinette was killed before ending up as Breguet's son in 1827. The watch includes all known temporal complications, including the thermometer, bell and continuous calendar.

The watch is pictured in the Mayer Museum in Los Angeles in Jerusalem until its theft in 1983. The clock has finally been recovered and is still on display today in the Mayer Museum.

 4. CHOPARD 201-CARAT WATCH - $ 25 million

   This fantastic watch is made up of 874 diamonds, for a total of 201 rugs, in a variety of colors. The centerpiece of the Chopard watch is made up of three diamonds colored in yellow, pink and blue.


   This gold pocket watch was produced in 1933 by Patek Philippe for Henry Graves Jr. Bank. The watch took 5 years to design and build and has 24 complications, including an instant calendar, sunrise and sunset, and a celestial calendar from the Graves apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York.

6. JACOB & CO. BILLIONAIRE WATCH - $18 million

  The multimillion dollar watch is made up of 260 rugs with emerald-cut diamonds, 167 individual components and 19 gems. 

The strap and dial are a seamless construction in 18-carat white gold.  

7. PAUL NEWMANS ROLEX DAYTONA - $ 17.8 million

   A gift from his wife, movie star and career star Paul Newman Rolex Daytona sold for $ 17.8 million per year in art, the 1968 Daytona 6239 quote recorded in "Drive Carefully, Me" by his wife and actress Joanne Woodward. 

Paul kept an eye on his daughter's watch at the time, donating a substantial sum to the Nell Newman Foundation.

8. PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 1518 - $ 11.1 million

   At the end of 2016, Patek Philippe with stainless steel case ref. 1,518 sold at auction for over $ 11 million. Patek Philippe invented the 1518 model in 1941, making it the first mass-produced timeless chronograph wristwatch.

 9. VACHERON CONSTANTIN 57260 - $ 8 million

   With 57 complications, 2,826 individual components and 242 gems, the Vacheron Constantin 57260 watch is a technological and artistic factor. It took 8 years to design and manufacture this watch and its cost is estimated at $ 8 million for a private customer.

10. HUBLOT BIG BANG - $ 5 million

   The famous Big Bang watch contains 1,282 diamonds, including over 100 carats of baguette diamonds and 6 emerald cut diamonds that weigh more than 3 carats each. Beyoncé purchased this watch for Jay-Z as a birthday this year.

   What is makes watches this expensive? The key factors for determining the value of a luxury watch:



   Used tools


   All these factors help determine the final value of a watch. The precision, skill, finish and skill of expensive watches are what sets them apart from other watches. For example, Rolex watches satisfy everyone and the brand has its gold tools that it uses in its watches.

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