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She Is 72 Years Old But Looks And Slays Like A 20 Year Old - See Lovely Photos Of Norma Williams

Normally when people get old their skin starts to get wrinkled, signs of old age engine to show on their face and their skin loses it shine. It is very surprising for you to hear of someone whose appearance remained flawless as He or She grew older.

Norma Williams is a 72 year old woman who looks and slays like a 20 year old lady who just graduated from college. With her astonishing beauty and fitness of a 20 year old, Norma Williams have proven to the world that indeed, age is just a number, as she once stated that "Old" is a state of the mind and she doesn't dwell in that state. Norma Williams is the owner of Umbria Holiday Rentals and She stated that she is a tall last with a height of about, 5 foot, 10 inches.

In popular questions and answers website, Quora, someone asked the question, "What is it like to be 70 years old or older?" and Norma Williams who was born on May 17th 1948, answered that sometimes She really doesn't like looking into the mirror to see her reflection. She also stated that She has a great sense of fashion, even more than the younger generation of people, who are not confident enough to wear the kind of clothes she wears.

However, Norma stated that She doesn't like the wrinkles which are becoming apparent in her upper arms and some specific parts of her face. It is actually quite amazing to see an old woman like her putting on clothing that are designed for younger people. Norma also stated that when she was 19 years old she was a model and even as she is in her 70s, a lot of people still compliment her body attributes and form. Norma wrote that she loves eating biscuits, roasted cashews, but she does not like consuming sweets. She also praised her husband, Laurie who is older than her, but still fit and healthy. However despite her optimistic attitude, Norma Williams stated that the biggest irritation or "let-down" about being in her 70s for her is that, compared to those people in their 20s She does not have as many years ahead of her, but despite that, She is much prouder of herself than she ever was when she was younger. What do you think of Norma Williams, do you support her sense of fashion? Tell us in the comments section and also follow me for more updates.

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