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How she kept me in the dark for 5 years (Fiction)

I was kept in the dark (Fiction)

This is a fictional story about a man who was deceived by his girlfriend for many years.

Literally, I could say I was so careless not to have noticed the snake I called my fiancee. Chioma happened to be one of the choristers where I worship in Winners Chapel and I was an usher too.

The very first day I set my eyes on her, I said to myself "Dominic, this is your wife". So I approached her and we exchanged contacts. We got talking and I kept falling in love with her.

I was determined to marry her as fast as possible before someone else does. So I told my pastor about this damsel. Well, he insisted that I should pray about it. How could I even forget that? Guess her beauty carried me far away.

I already promised myself that I won't have canal knowledge of any woman until I get married. In one of our conversations, she told me in confidence that she is still a virgin. I was so happy and more determined to take her to the Altar.

I kept praying but God wasn't showing keep any signs, so I went ahead to marry her against my pastor's advice.

The first night we wanted to make out, I discovered she wasn't even tight at all. She started crying and narrated her rape experience, but she was scared to tell me earlier. I forgave her because I already loved her to the brim.

Five years on in the marriage but there was no child. I decided we see a friend doctor of mine, she agreed after much persuasion. The doctor personally told me that her womb has been ruptured, so she may never conceive.

I got home with so much anger and fury, that was when she confessed that she damaged her womb during her 10th abortion. She told me how she goes to night clubs, drinks, smokes and do all sorts of immoral acts.

Well, I never knew I was married to a harlot. Behind that angelic voice that always sings in the church is a promiscuous lady.

I am caught in between sending her packing because I can't continue with her anymore. She can't conceive, so there are no means of having children. But then, I love her with my life. I don't think I can stay without her.

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