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A brief look into the relationship of Hailey and Justin Bieber since marriage

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Ever since they tied the knot, Justin and Hailey Bieber have kept on strengthening their relationship in some strange ways. Wondering what goes on behind closed doors at the Bieber's residence? Let's take a look at some strange instances from Justin and Hailey Bieber's marriage.

After the famous couple walked down the aisle privately in New York during the fall of 2018, it was clear to fans that Hailey and Justin weren't into doing things like other celebrity couples. Their whirlwind marriage took place away from the public eye and duo made a big deal about it on social media.

Justin Bieber wasn't even following his new wife on Instagram at the time. The only hint that they were married was Hailey's name change on Instagram and of course, a not so subtle post by Justin which says: "My wife is awesome."

Even though the couple hung out in the same social circle, some fans speculated that their relationship privacy meant they wouldn't last long.

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However, after a year, Justin and Hailey got married again, this time with more friends and family present. That was when fans started to catch on to the couple's less than normal relationship.

After their second secret marriage, they went all out on social media with more than enough PDA to prove to fans that they're so in love. They have surely come a long way despite the fact that the couple does not like to do things by the book.

Justin told Vogue in 2019 that he thinks fighting with each other is good and that they've been working on better communication. While he often struggles to find peace, Hailey is the structured and logical one that he needs. Justin Bieber even claimed he thinks of Hailey as his reward for his good behaviour and we sure hope that this is true.

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The couple are known for letting out their creative m flow which could be a reason why they got matching tattoos way back in 2015. Unfortunately, it took a long time for the pair to even admit that they were really together.

Hailey famously told E that they were not an exclusive couple in 2016 and Justin refused to call her his wife even after they were officially married. The couple opened up in 2019 about the rough start to their marriage revealing that they had a hard time during their first year as husband and wife.

Justin recently told GQ that although his marriage to Hailey is his calling, marriage is tough. But they've come a long way and they're only coming out stronger.

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The couple revealed that they're thinking about kids in the near future. Despite their massive fame, Hailey and Justin are dedicated to spending quality time together with their successful careers.

They hang out every night with their phones away. Justin has made it clear to his professional team that he's unavailable after 6 p.m and he even recently got rid of his phone to help strike a balance between his work and home life.

Justin and Hailey are making fame work for them as they navigate the path between a healthy relationship and their successful careers in entertainment. They may not always follow normal rules and conventions, but they are doing things their way.

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