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Ifa Funsho Praised After Dragging Those Calling Sunday Igboho Illiterate

Ifa Funsho has been praised on Twitter after dragging those calling Sunday Igboho illiterate. The valid point she drives home by her comment really got her much love from people to the extent that Yoruba Nation Group on Twitter reposted her tweet.

According to her, Sunday Igboho is an illiterate but you that's educated, you're jobless and suffering. You that's educated, Fulani are heading top position and controlling you in your state. Are you truly educated or mentally stupid? Education isn't about suffering and smiling but fighting for freedom.

It will be noted that over some times now, many people from the Yoruba race has labelled the Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho as an illiterate, this may be because the man is not a graduate or so but forgetting that literacy is just an ability to read and write.

It will be noted that the activist can as well write and read, then what makes him an Illiterate? This is one of the questions people begin to ask those calling him an Illiterate.

The activist has always being trying to actualize the sovereignty of the Yoruba Nation but not everyone in the region supported his moves as some tagged it as political motivated while others says an Illiterate who doesn't know anything can lead to the actualization of any sovereignty.

What do you think about Ifa Funsho statement on those calling Sunday Igboho names? See some comment of people praising her for making such statements.

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