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An Open Letter To Buchi Alexandra, The New Cross Dresser Who Wants To Overtake Bobrisky

Dear Buchi, I know that this lifestyle puts food on your table, but please think about everything written in this letter.

You are in Nigeria, and the country is one that frowns at cross dressing, the reason why you have not been arrested is because you've not been caught sleeping with another man.

You might think your actions aren't leading people astray, but you're indirectly encouraging homosexuality in Nigeria, and that's totally not acceptable.

(A mixed photo of Buchi Alexandra)

I saw some of your recent photos, and I noticed some changes on your body, please do not undergo any surgery all because you want to become famous and rich, some persons who went under the knife just for fame and money are regretting their actions.

You are still very young and handsome, you can start modelling as a man or some other job meant for men, but dressing and acting like a woman when you're clearly not one is not right.

(A photo of Buchi Alexandra)

Don't look at Bobrisky or any other cross dresser who's very popular in Nigeria, most of them are regretting their actions already.

With what you're doing, you might end up messing your self as a youth, there's still time for you to stop all this obsession about cross dressing, God who created you as a man isn't foolish.

Look at men like Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, and Femi Otedola, they all made it as men. I believe you became a cross dresser for Fame and Money, rid yourself of that mindset that you can't become rich and famous as a man, the men mentioned above do not have two heads.

Please consider everything written in this letter, i want the best for you.

Share this letter to everyone you know until it gets to Buchi Alexandra, cross dressing isn't a good lifestyle.

What are your thoughts about what you've just read?

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