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Zee world: This is the secret behind Mehek's being the most likable show in Zee world.

Zee world: This is the secret behind Mehek being the most likable show in Zee world. 

Zee world is almost everyone's favorite television channel because of their extraordinary entertaining love stories that a lot of people enjoys.  

When we talk about Zee world's best and most likable show ever, Mehek will be the first thing to come over our mind. Non of the people who watched the telenovela will ever dare to miss a single episode.

Mehek became the leading and most rated Zee world show ever. It isn't just a classic romance theme of a rich boy meeting a girl from a poor household, but a deep insight into their lifestyle and struggles each family went through. 

A lot of their scenes reflects some parts of reality in a great measure that every person won't favor to miss an episode. 

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