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Opinion :Why the Indian Movie 'Like Star on Earth' is Inarguably the Most Inspiring Movie.

Like star on earth is an India movie that illustrates the problem of most family and Inarguably the Most Inspiring Movie. That little boy in that movie reminds me so much of my little brother. Before I proceed let me give a premeable about the movie "Like star on earth" .

It is a story was a cute little boy known as Ishaan, a student who has dyslexia, cannot seem to get anything right at his boarding school. Soon, a new unconventional art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, helps him discover his hidden potential. Unlike Ishaan by little brother didn't get too lucky but I thank God he is doing well for himself now . Let me takes us back on why I said the little cute boy in the movie like star on earth remind me of my brother. 

lam from the family of two girls and a boy. My Father is academician, giving his child quality education is his first priority. Prior to that he send us to the best schools although he isn't too rich but we are doing well as a family. Then in primary school, I was always the top student in my class. My Father was very proud of me unlike my younger he was always last in the class. Unlike me that love reading, my brother hate anything relating to school. Still we both finish primary school he couldn't read nor write properly. My father always sees my brother as a stubborn child who doesn't want to make something good out of his life. 

Although My brother doesn't like anything relating to school. He is good with his hands. He is one of the most talented painter I have ever seen. But my Father doesn't count that as anything good. My mother on the other hand support and love his talent, she always buy drawing and painting materials for him. My Father always sees my Mother actions as a way of spoiling the boy. But my mother never give up on her son. Mother love is unconditional right? I understand with my Father, I know he doesn't hate the boy, he only want the best for him. 

I successful finish my secondary school with good grades and I got admission into the university. But my brother on the other hand was still in secondary school due numerous repetition of class, because of his poor grades. I came back from school after a hectic day I was tire and famish. I met my roommate watching a movie from the laptop. She said I must watch this movie. I told her, I sure will watch a movie because I was very tired and stressed out. I needed to relax and relieve myself from the stress. I went and had a warm bath, ate and I decided to join her. I told her she must start the movie from the beginning. She didn't hesitate in restarting the movie. 

After we finish watching the movie I told her Ishaan was just like my little brother. The movie Ishaan is a movie with great lessons to be learnt. What I deduce from the movie is that nobody is useless and every child is special . God created us and installed a gift and talent in us. Although we can't have it all but on the same note we can't lack it all. Nobody is dull we just have different capacity and different level of absorption.

Every parent want their children to have the best education. But most parent give up on their child easily when the find out that the child isn't doing well in school. Most parents are like Ishaan father, they want to fixed the problem of the child without even knowing what the problem is. 

Unlike so many children like Ishaan. He was lucky to find someone who knows him, Someone who believes in him, knows his problems and help him through. That someone was not his family member, that someone was his teacher. And I said to myself if only we can find teachers like Ishaan teacher in our schools. The world will be a better place for everybody.

Personally, the movie "Like star on earth" is Inarguably most the interesting, inspiring, informative, and intelligent movie I have ever watched till date . The movie like star on earth was released in the year 2007- 13years ago. Have you ever wonder how that little cute boy Ishaan look now? Below are some of the pictures from the movie and the photos of Ishaan on how he look now. What have you learnt from the movie? Share the lessons you have learnt in the comment box below. 

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