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Remember Surraiya The Muslim Lady With Endowed Backside? See How She Looks Like Right Now

I am very sure that most of you have come across articles and posts about this wonderful Tanzanian model. No doubt she is breathtaking.

In today's article I present to you some recent pictures that she shared.

 If we can recall, She is a Muslim who takes her religion serious and due to this, she has many admirers and fans who continue to show their unending love for her.

She recently born into the religion of peace and modesty and is currently living her life according to its guidelines and principles.

When we are talking of Natural endowment, i think she should be ranked as the first in Africa. The surprising thing is that she is still in her mid twenties.

She Chose the Name Surraiyya as her Muslim name but she is known as Sanchi on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

She stopped slaying recently and has moved on to live a more decent and modest life as ordained by Islam.Let me take a pause here and leave you to take a look at her past and present pictures.

This wonderful lady should serve as a source of motivation and inspiration to other ladies who take social media slaying as a form of entertainment.

What are your views about her?

Please drop them below and don't leave without sharing this article to your various social media platforms.

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