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Divorce Affair

"When A Man Cheats He Is A King, but When A Lady Cheats She Is A Whore, Why? - Lady Ask On Twitter

Social Media is a place where one's opinion is totally accepted but it's very open to much criticisms. Every human being is entitled to his/her opinions on any issue in life. That leads us to an old saying that "One man's food, is another man's poison". People go to social media to express their minds on certain issue disturbing them, looking for possible solution and answers in the comment box. Unfortunately not everyone will give you the answer that you desire but you will also get reasonable answers at times.

Cheating is gradually becoming and ongoing trend In many relationship today due to the fact that people are not easily satisfied. They find faults in each other and try to exploit those faults which atimes result of cheating

A Twitter lady identified as "Precious Baby" took to Twitter to ask a very sensitive question. She said "when a man cheats is a king but when a lady cheats she is a whore, Why? The post received what reactions as everyone stated his opinion about the question.

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