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My 6 year old daughter asked me this surprising question because my wife calls me baby (Fiction)

Children can be funny sometimes. A young man shared a story of a surprising question his six year old daughter asked him when his wife called him honey.

Read his story here :

I married my wife after we dated for about two to three years. During our dating spree, she used to call me baby and I also called her same in return. She started calling me this name 'baby' all of a sudden and I picked a like of the name she generated from only God knew where. This baby, baby name mastered us until we got married.

Like many married couples, the husband cannot call his wife by her name out of respect and he has to decide and generate a special and lovely name to be calling her. In some cases, the generation and selection of lovely name to call each other can be left for the wife to do. Mostly, women call their husbands names like honey, sweaty, my heart and so on. The husband on the other hand, call their wives mostly, darling or any other names in their native languages

In my own case, like I said earlier, my wife used to call me 'baby' and I also call her 'baby' right from the time we started dating.

Photos used here are for illustration purpose only, to show the baby and her father

Meanwhile, after marriage, we cannot stop calling each other baby. Even now that we have given birth to three children, we cannot stop calling each other this name baby.

However, I don't know whether this baby, baby name that my wife call me doesn't go down well with my daughter. She is just a girl of 6 years of age but she is very smart, even smarter than a child of 10. She was standing beside me when my wife called me the usual name, baby. My little girl, having heard this name called by her mother, asked me, "Daddy, are you a new born baby, are you not a big person, and why mummy always calls you baby, baby all the time, don't you have another name?

My brothers and sisters, I didn't expect this question from my little daughter, the question made me confused.I don't know how to explain this to my daughter and she wants to know why my wife always calls me this name.

What should I do now? Should I explain how the name 'baby' came about or should we start using another name to call each other?

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