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Remember The Thundermans Tv Series On Nickelodeon? Check Out The Best Episode



October 10, 2016[1]





Jed Spingarn & Dan Serafin


Jonathan Judge



Back To School Happy Heroween

Is that really what you want Max? To lose everything? Your friends, Allison, your family?


Thundermans: Secret Revealed is the Season 3 finale and 70th and 71st episode overall of The Thundermans. It premiered as a special event on October 10, 2016. This is the first part of the "Super Secret Saga" special, which ends in "Thundermans: Banished!"


Max must finally make a choice between fighting for good or evil when the Villain League threatens to halt Phoebe's superhero ascension and destroy the Thundermans. [2]


It's two days before junior prom for Hiddenville High and Phoebe is leading her friends Cherry, Maddy and Roxy in making the final preparations at the Hiddenville Museum. Meanwhile, Max's Band is setting up for their prom performance. Phoebe asks her friends to take a break and Max notices Allison and goes to ask her out for prom.

To ask Allison out, Max writes on a priceless ancient book, "Will you go to prom with me?" Allison says it's romantic even though he defaced a valuable artifact. She complains that he should have asked her earlier. But to Max's defense, Allison was boycotting prom up until a day ago. Allison agrees to go.

As Phoebe and her friends walk outside for a better reception, Phoebe notices the evil villain Lady Web sneaking around in the museum. She quickly changes into the Thunder Supersuit and chases after Lady Web. Lady Web uses her powers to drop a chandelier on Oyster, Gideon and Wolfgang but Phoebe uses her Telekinesis to save them. She then freezes Lady Web using her Freeze Breath. She opens the briefcase Lady Web was carrying and realizes that she was trying to steal a diamond out of the museum. She calls the police to take care of the rest.

The boys thank the masked Phoebe for saving their lives and Gideon asks who she is. Phoebe replies, "I'm ThunderGirl." She then exits.

Max finds his bandmates still shocked. Oyster tells him about a superhero called ThunderGirl who just stopped a thief and saved them. He immediately realizes it's Phoebe. Phoebe's friends arrive realizing that they missed something. Max and Phoebe share an awkward look.

The incident quickly gets attention on T.V news that there is a new superhero in town called "ThunderGirl." Dark Mayhem and his minions watch the news broadcast. Dark Mayhem swears it's time to stop ThunderGirl. And he just knows the right man for the job: her brother, Max Thunderman.

Back at the Thundermans house, the Thundermans congratulate Phoebe for thwarting the diamond robbery and making it on the news. Max is not impressed. Phoebe tells Max that if it wasn't for her, Max's Band would be Max and the Crushed Skulls. Max mocks the name but sends a message to Oyster, making "Max and the Crushed Skulls" the official band name. Hank congratulates Phoebe by giving her the Original Thunder Signal that the Hero League used to cast the Thunder "T" in the sky to summon him. Phoebe laughs at it and leaves.

Nora and Billy and Chloe get inspired by ThunderGirl's fame and ask their parents if they could start their superhero training but the parents refuse because the kids are way too young. Nora convinces Billy that they should take the Hero League aptitude test online to prove to their parents that they have what it takes.

Down in Max's Lair, Dr. Colosso gives Max the tuxedo he wore to Evil Prom with Octopus Girl. However, Max's mind is off because he's worried that Phoebe is getting all the recognition as a superhero while he hasn't achieved anything. All he has is the chronicle which we all know is a diary. He feels that like Dark Mayhem has abandoned him. Why hasn't he called? Max wonders just before the system announces an incoming call from Dark Mayhem. Dark Mayhem asks Max to meet him tomorrow at the Villain League Headquarters for a chance to become a full supervillain. Max asks him to do it the following week because he has to hangout with Allison, but Dark Mayhem refuses angrily. Dark Mayhem then sends Max the coordinates for the Villain League Headquarters to meet him.

The following day at school, Cherry and Phoebe are hanging out by their lockers. Cherry is nervous no one is asking her out to prom. Phoebe is expecting go with Link even though they're not technically a couple anymore. Just around then, Link calls and cancels the plans because he is too busy at Hong Kong and the Hero League won't let him take time off. Maddy and Roxy approach and Cherry accidentally asks Maddy to pick her up for prom. This gives Phoebe an idea: since none of them have dates, they could all go to prom together. They make it official: single ladies dance!

As the other girls leave, Allison walks to Phoebe and asks her what's wrong with Max because he's disappeared after asking her to prom. Phoebe promises to tell Max to call. Oyster, Gideon and Wolfgang than walk down the stairs wearing ThunderGirl t-shirts. Phoebe is pleased to see that she is in a t-shirt. They inform Phoebe that they are members of the ThunderGirl Fan Club. Phoebe tries to hint to them that ThunderGirl's gloves are blue but Gideon cries out saying Phoebe knows nothing about ThunderGirl or who she loves.

At a Happy Fun Burger fast food restaurant, Dark Mayhem takes orders from a drive-through customer. The customer insists on getting an extra pickle. So, Dark Mayhem blows him up by pressing a button on his pen. Another evil villain, Son of Scalestro is working on the fries. Strongdor, notices Max entering the restaurant and notifies Dark Mayhem. Max feels honored to finally meet Dark Mayhem. Dark Mayhem asks Max to follow him to the Mayhem Central Command. He introduces Max to his associates Fairy Pinch-ess and Strongdor. Max wonders why the Villain League Headquarters is at a fast-food restaurant and the villains reveal that they had to relocate after Phoebe exposed their last headquarters in A Hero Is Born. Phoebe also stopped the diamond heist, meaning that they can't afford to pay for a new hideout. Dark Mayhem asks Max to help them out. He shows Max the world's first power-sapping orb and asks him to use it to take ThunderGirl's powers. Max is reluctant about the idea but Dark Mayhem pushes Max to do it in order to prove that he's worth becoming a supervillain and also to stop living in his sister's shadow.

Nora passes the Hero League aptitude test with a 97% while Billy fails and gets only 22% because he answered "triangle" for everything. Nora feels bad for Billy and swaps the tests to make Billy not feel bad about himself. Billy lets the pride get in his head and starts calling himself "Superhero mastermind" despite Nora's urge to ignore the results. Billy runs to the park and Nora follows him.

After school, Phoebe goes into Max's Lair to inform him that Allison wants him to call her. There's no one in the lair. She notices that Max left his chronicle open and starts snooping. The last entry is about Max meeting Dark Mayhem. Phoebe can't believe that Max is communicating with the world's most powerful supervillain. She accidentally presses the button to speed dial Dark Mayhem. When the call gets connected, Phoebe hides behind the table to hear what Mayhem has to say. Dark Mayhem asks Max if he's used the orb to take away his sister's powers. Phoebe replies in a deep voice pretending to be Max. After the call, Phoebe gets angry and vows to face Max.

On the porch, Max is reluctant to take Phoebe's powers despite Dr. Colosso's push. He tells Dr. Colosso that Phoebe can be annoying but they are not mortal enemies. Phoebe arrives and uses Telekinesis to pull the orb from Max. Max tries to grab it back but as they fight for the orb, Phoebe accidentally takes away Max's powers. She apologizes but tells Max that he brought it on himself. Max tells her to give the orb back, but Phoebe uses her telekinesis to push him on the ground. She walks into the house to tell Hank and Barb while Max threatens that they're now mortal enemies.

Barb and Hank get furious at Max for working with Dark Mayhem to take Phoebe's powers. Hank reminds Max that Dark Mayhem shot his former sidekick into space. Max tells them that he was only thinking about taking Phoebe's powers but she actually took his powers. And she is going to pay for it. The parents ground Max. They take away Dr. Colosso. They take away all of Max's machines and gadgets from his lair and replace it with family friendly objects and posters.

Phoebe and her girlfriends meet at Splatburger to plan for their prom. Mrs. Wong comes over wearing a ThunderGirl Fan Club t-shirt. She tells them that she is a big fan of ThunderGirl because ThunderGirl is fun and awesome unlike Phoebe. On their way out, Phoebe realizes that she forgot her bag and goes back for it. She is surprised to see Link. Link tells her that he stood up against the Hero League so that he can take a special girl to prom.

Phoebe drops her bag on the floor to hug Link, exposing her ThunderGirl supersuit. She tries to put it back in but unfortunately, Mrs. Wong sees it and realizes that Phoebe is ThunderGirl. Mrs. Wong realizes that she can become famous by exposing Phoebe. She starts spying on the Thundermans to get enough proof that they have superpowers.

At the park, Billy tries to prove to Nora that he's a Superhero Mastermind. But Nora secretly helps him think that he is actually the one saving people.

Stuck in the lair, Max struggles to find his way out. He remembers a stash of TNT he had locked up somewhere so that he can use it to burst his way out of the lair. Unfortunately, his parents have replaced it with a mechanical teddy bear that says "I love you beary much." All of a sudden, there's a huge explosion blowing up a hole in the wall. Dr. Colosso looks in through the wall and tells Max he's brought him a gift. He vomits the orb since he stole it from Hank's bedroom where he's been staying. For Max to get his powers back from the orb, he must make some tweaks with a computer chip but he doesn't have any computers. He then remembers that the teddy bear has a computer chip. He modifies the chip to help him get his powers back.

On the day of the prom, Allison finds Phoebe in the hallway again and asks her why Max hasn't called yet. Phoebe delivers the bad news that Max might not be going to prom because of some drama in the Thundermans house. She suggests Allison could find another date. Allison then calls out any boy in the hallway who wants to take her to prom to follow her outside.

Meanwhile, Oyster, Gideon and Wolfgang are following Cherry, Maddy and Roxy around on the hallway trying to ask them out for prom. Cherry and Roxy admit that it would be perfect because each one of the girls has a crush on one of the guys but they made a pact to go as single ladies and they can't betray that. The guys are surprised and happy by this declaration and try to pester them for answers. Phoebe overhears the conversation and tries to convince them to take the boys (so that she can get a chance to go with Link). But Maddy insists they would be bad friends if they broke the pact. Phoebe feels guilty and tries to get out of the conversation. She's saved by the bell.

After the park, Billy and Nora come back home ready for lunch. Barb and Hank are about to serve lunch when Max arrives at the door. They are shocked how he got up there. Hank asks Max to put the orb down because it's dangerous and Max agrees it's only dangerous when in the wrong hands... like his. Max then uses the orb to take away Barb, Hank, Billy, Nora and Chloe's powers. Max makes fun of them for being powerless and helpless but says he has to leave in order to take his sister's powers. He freezes the Thundermans house walls so that they won't follow him. Hank tells Max if he leaves, then he's no longer his son and not welcomed back. Max appears tempted to stop but shrugs it off and declares to his family that Hank's right, since he's a supervillain now, leaving his family speechless. He leaves the house and freezes the door shut.

Dark Mayhem gets impatient waiting for Max. He says he would do the job himself if he knew where ThunderGirl lived. Luckily, Son of Scalestro tells them to check out a news report about ThunderGirl. On the news, Mrs. Wong exposes Phoebe as ThunderGirl and the entire family as superheroes. She even gives the Thundermans address as "828 Oak Dale Lane, Hiddenville." Now that Dark Mayhem knows where Phoebe lives, he asks his minions to gas up the Mayhem 'copter. They're going to Hiddenville!

On the prom night, Oyster introduces Max's Band as "Max and the Crushed Skulls" but acknowledges that Max is not there. Phoebe, Cherry, Maddy and Roxy arrive at the prom together. Phoebe notices Link. So, she tries to sneak around between Link and the single ladies hoping that none of them will notice she is with the other.

Back at home, the Thundermans struggle to get out so they can warn Phoebe about Max. Barb suggests using the Thunder signal but they need more light to make it more noticeable in the sky. Billy, calling himself the hero mastermind suggests setting the couch on fire. This forces Nora to come out clean and reveal that Billy isn't really a hero mastermind. She reveals that she switched the scores because she knew how much that test meant to Billy. Billy says he will never be a superhero but Nora comforts him in that none of them will be a superhero thanks to Max.

Dr. Colosso calls Dark Mayhem, who is in the Mayhem Copter with his minions Fairy Pinch-ess, Son of Scalestro and Strongdor. Dark Mayhem is disappointed that Max hasn't called but Dr. Colosso assures him that Max has taken his parents powers and is on his way to take away Phoebe's powers. This impresses Dark Mayhem because it means that Thunder Man and Electress will be unable to stop him once he arrives in Hiddenville. Dark Mayhem tells Colosso that he and Max going to take over Hiddenville and make it his evil headquarters. Dr. Colosso loves the idea hoping that he will get something big out of it. Dark Mayhem tries to cut him off. Mayhem then tells his minions that stupid rabbit will be the first thing he disposes of. He then realizes that he hadn't hung up on the video, meaning that Dr. Colosso heard him.

Max arrives at the prom and has a confrontation with Allison for ditching her. Allison shows him the boy she brought to prom but she can't even remember his name. She tells Max they're done and walks away. Meanwhile, Phoebe struggles on the prom floor to hide from her girlfriends that she came to prom with Link too. Link realizes Phoebe is acting weird and confronts her about it, during which Cherry and the other single ladies bust Phoebe. Cherry accuses Phoebe for being a backstabber. Phoebe apologizes and promises to never keep anything from them.

At the same time, Principal Bradford gets a call revealing that Phoebe is ThunderGirl. He walks to the stage, takes the microphone and announces that Phoebe Thunderman is ThunderGirl. Everyone is shocked and stares at Phoebe. Cherry brags to Roxy and Maddy that she already knew Phoebe's secret for like a year now.

Meanwhile, outside the Thundermans house, Mrs. Wong leads a group of reporters to show them where the Thundermans live. They're stuck at the door because it had been frozen by Max. Then, Dark Mayhem's helicopter arrives and Dark Mayhem scares them away. Dark Mayhem then starts blowing up the Thundermans house so that he can get in. He tells the Thundermans that he has come to destroy them. Barb and Hank panic.

Dr. Colosso tells them "We got this!" and blows up the back wall, allowing them to escape. Hank thanks Colosso for helping them out and he admits that the only way to save himself is by saving them. Barb asks them to run to the ThunderVan so they can go to warn Phoebe. Dark Mayhem finally gets inside only to be disappointed that there's no one inside. Fairy Pinch-ess asks how they will be able to get to them before warning ThunderGirl. Lucky for them, Dark Mayhem sees some writing on the kitchen counter showing that it's prom night.

Back at the prom, Phoebe tries to convince her friends and everyone else that she is not ThunderGirl and doesn't have superpowers. Unfortunately, Max gets to her and pulls the orb ready to take her powers. Link tries to stop Max but Max freezes him and throws him away telekinetically. Phoebe then tries to take the orb away from Max using telekinesis but it ends up becoming a telekinetic standoff between the Thunder Twins, with neither of them losing their focus. The rest of the Thundermans arrive in the middle of the standoff, breaking both of the twins' focus. The orb lands in punch, but since Max is closer to it, he manages to recover it and get into prime position to take Phoebe's powers. He is about to take them, but Barb begs Max to give them back their powers because Dark Mayhem is about to destroy them all. But it's already too late, as Dark Mayhem and his minions are already there.

Dark Mayhem is happy to finally meet ThunderGirl. He asks Max to take her powers to prove that he is one of them. Max is about to take them, but Phoebe tells him that she understands if he hates her, but he can't let Dark Mayhem destroy Hiddenville. Dark Mayhem reveals that he doesn't want to destroy Hiddenville. He just wants to enslave everyone in it to build his new evil empire.

Phoebe then gives Max an intense speech to help him get back to his senses. "Is that really what you want Max? To lose everything? Your friends? Allison? Your family?" Phoebe's words reach deep down into Max's soul. So he hesitates taking Phoebe's powers, making Dark Mayhem even more impatient. Dark Mayhem tells Max that he is so close to having it all but Max shakes his head and says that he already has it all. He then quickly restores his family's powers. Dark Mayhem is disappointed.

The Thundermans are glad to have their powers back but there's one catch. Their powers are swapped because of a glitch in the orb when it fell into the punch. Hank realizes that he has Barb's Electrokinesis. Barb discovers that she got Billy's Super-Speed. Nora teleports away, realizing that she got Chloe's Teleportation. Chloe tests her new power by saying "ThunderBaby, away!" and flying through the ceiling the way her dad does. So, Chloe gets Hank's Flight and Super Strength. That means Billy got Nora's Heat Vision. Billy tells Nora that he doesn't deserve Nora's laser eyes because he's not a superhero and accidentally zaps Nora with his laser vision.

Dark Mayhem takes advantage of the Thundermans confusion adjusting to their new powers and tells his minions to destroy them. Hank asks the Thundermans to attack back. This leads to a big epic fight between the villains and the Thundermans. Dark Mayhem warns Max that he has made a huge mistake by choosing the wrong side.

After the fight breaks, the Thunder Twins try to hold off Dark Mayhem's energy balls for as much as they can. Phoebe asks Max to go look for the orb while she keeps Dark Mayhem going. Hank uses his new electrokinesis power to fight Son of Scalestro but he struggles because he hasn't mastered his wife's powers. He accidentally zaps Principal Bradford twice. He eventually defeats the Son of Scalestro by indirectly hitting a pillar, which reflects the electrical energy to hit him. Meanwhile, Barb goes after Strongdor who tries to hit her with his huge hammer. Luckily, Barb's superspeed helps her from being hit by the Strongdor hammer. Barb then tricks Strongdor by running around in circles around a pillar. Strongdor becomes dizzy and vulnerable to Barb's kicks. She knocks him down.

Phoebe jumps infront of her friends and continues to deflect Dark Mayhem's energy balls from them. Roxy tells her that the single ladies are totally behind her. She thanks them but Cherry and Maddy clarify that they're literally behind her and need her to move the fight elsewhere so that they don't get hit by the energy balls. Oyster, Gideon and Wolfgang crawl to where the girls are hiding and ask them who their crushes were since it might be their last day. Cherry tries to tell them that this is not the time but Roxy reveals her crush was Wolfgang. Maddy reveals her crush was Gideon. Cherry takes Oyster.

The Fairy Pinch-ess goes after Nora. Nora asks Billy for help but Billy goes to hide, claiming that he is no superhero. Fairy Pinch-ess struggles to catch Nora because of her new teleportation but after a few trials she manages to pinch Nora. She tells Nora that no one can escape her pinchy grip. Billy comes out of hiding and asks the Fairy Pinch-ess to let Nora go. Fairy Pinch-ess laughs at Billy calling him a scared little boy who can't take her down. Nora hints to Billy to zap Fairy Pinch-ess by asking Billy "what's the answer to everything?" which is "triangle!" Billy zaps Fairy Pinch-ess, causing her to lose her grip on Nora. Nora then knocks her down into a box and locks her in it. She thanks Billy for saving her life and reminds him that he is a superhero to her. Nora then asks Billy to help in getting people to safety.

While looking for the orb, Max gets hit by a blast from Dark Mayhem. He falls on the floor close to a table. Allison then comes from under the table, looking worried and concerned and says Max's name. Max apologizes for being a jerk and tells Allison that he still really likes her but he gets it if being a superhero and dating one is too much for her to handle. Allison kisses Max to shut him up. Max then notices the orb and pulls it with telekinesis. He then goes back to kissing Allison.

Phoebe and Dark Mayhem continue fighting until Phoebe finally knocks him down and levitates him mid-air. She then signals Max to take away Dark Mayhem's powers using the orb. Dark Mayhem laughs at them and blasts them blasting them off the floor. He then descends gently to the ground and grabs the orb so that he can take away their powers. Max and Phoebe are defenseless on the floor. Suddenly a pillar falls on Dark Mayhem knocking him down. Chloe comes from behind the shadows and dusts her hands implying that she's the one who pulled that off. Phoebe thanks her for saving their lives. Max uses the orb to take away Dark Mayhem's powers. Phoebe takes the orb for safe keeping.

Max apologizes to Phoebe for everything he's done his whole life. Barb and Hank come over to thank Max. They tell him how proud they are that he's finally a superhero. They go ahead to call the Hero League to report the incident.

Principal Bradford comes over to Max and starts making demands on what Max should do for him in order to graduate. Max gladly freezes him. He tells Phoebe it feels so good to finally be able to do that in public. Phoebe remembers that Link is still frozen. She finds Cherry explaining to Maddy and Roxy how it feels like to be frozen. Phoebe and Max take their prom picture together along with their prom dates and their friends.

Later at the Thundermans house, the Hero League's Super President Kickbutt awards Max with a superhero cape. Max promises to be worth of the cape and to make them proud. He notices Sparkles from the Hero League trying to take away his stuff. Kickbutt says he won't need his weapon inventions anymore but Max proves that he could use them on villains too. He demonstrate by using the Helium Pain Blaster on Dr. Colosso. Kickbutt agrees to let Max keep his weapons because she likes it when villains suffer.

President Kickbutt reminds the Thundermans that they have a big problem now that they've been exposed on T.V. They discover that there is a huge group of people waiting outside their house. Chloe puts on sunglasses and says, "The Thundermans are famous, baby!"

Alternate Ending

Super President Kickbutt gathers the citizens of Hiddenville at one of the Hiddenville parks to announce the Thundermans as the official superhero protectors of Hiddenville. Nora and Billy ask if they have to move to another city and try to be normal and stay out of trouble, living a double life (referencing to The Thundermans theme song). Barb and Hank conclude the kids have been watching way too much TV.

Kickbutt then gives a special shout out to Max, for turning to the right side of justice and introduces him as the other half of the "Thunder Twins." At this point, Phoebe and Max start arguing that they don't go by "The Thunder Twins." The twins start their usual sibling bickering, fighting about how they can't be partners; and who will be the other's sidekick. Chloe reacts to their arguing with a classic "Unbelievable!"

Thundermans Swapped Powers

Following the restoration of their powers, the Thundermans powers are swapped due to a glitch in the power-sapping orb. Phoebe and Max's powers are not affected because their powers weren't in the orb at the time of restoration.

The new power assignments are:

Hank - Electrokinesis - previously Barb's power.

Barb - Super-Speed - previously Billy's power.

Nora - Teleportation - previously Chloe's power.

Billy - Heat Vision - previously Nora's power

Chloe - Flight and Super Strength - previously Hank's powers.

(Note: Their powers get swapped back in Thundermans: Banished)

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