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Second Chance Cast: See How They Look Like Many Years After (Photos)

Second chance is a Spanish-language telenovela which was produced by Telemundo and filmed in Florida, America. The series focuses on a rich man who dies and comes back from the dead to discovers dark secrets about his beautiful widow. 

Pedro is a wealthy old man who lives in a big house with his only daughter Angela and many servants tending to the needs of the house. After the death of his wife he vows not to marry again but later falls in love and marries a beautiful and gorgeous younger woman, Isabel Arroyo. He dies from food poisoning months later and immediately, Isabel marries his employee and personal assistant Andres Corona. But then Pedro is giving a second chance to find out what really happened and returns to Earth through transmigration: (the passing of a soul into another body after death), in the body of a handsome but local and poor family man Salvador who lives in a small barn with his wife Cantalicia and his young son Moncho. Pedro's soul forces Salvador's soul out of Salvador's body and re enters the lives of his family as a driver.

The show was popular on the Nigerian local station AIT and ran daily at night from 9pm-10pm and immediately became a fan favorite.

See the cast of the 2005 show and how they look like now

1.Mario Cimarro

He portrayed Salvador, Pedro’s reincarnation

How he looks like now

2.Lorena Rojas

She portrayed Isabel lover to Pedro, Salvador and Andres

Sadly, She died in 2015 after a long battle with cancer

3.Martin Karpan

He portrayed Andres Corona, Pedro’s employee who killed him to inherit his wealth

The show was a huge success in the early 2000’s and launched most of the actors to stardom. It ended after 143 episodes.

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