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Do Not Lose Hope: See 10 Famous Women Who Showed You Can Become A Mother Even In Your 40s

Most ladies are under pressure to give birth as soon as they get married. Even though having a child in the early stages of marriage is every parent's dream, there are times we have to wait for a year, two years, five years, or even as long as 15 years before having a child. It's a fact that most ladies begin to get nervous and frustrated after getting to a certain age, especially after age 35. Please allow me inform you no to give up as DELAY ISN'T DENIAL. Many ladies finally became a mother after so much waiting.

However, this post contains a collection of seven (7) popular women who showed to the world that you can become a mother even in your 40s. Scroll and enjoy!

1. Kelly Preston.

It would interest you to know that Kelly Preston got pregnant at age 47 after she and her husband, John Travolta lost their only son in the preceding year. It's indeed a blessing.

2. Halle Berry.

The beautiful actress had her first child at age 41, and her second child at age 47.

3. Gwen Stefani.

The 50 year old song writer had her first and second sons around age 40. Interestingly, she became a mother 4 years later.

4. Celine Dion.

The famous singer had her first child when she was only 33. However, 9 years later, she had her twins.

5. Mariah Carey.

The 50 year old singer became a mother when she was 41 years of age. Even though it was not easy, she gave birth successfully.

6. Jennifer Lopez.

The 51 year old actress has always wanted me to have children for a long time. Thanks to vitro fertilization she's a bonified mother of twins. Note that she had the twins at age 38.

7. Susan Sarandon.

The veteran American actress was diagnosed by doctors to be infertile, but surprisingly she got pregnant at age 39, and again at age 42, and finally at age 45.

Susan Sarandon's story simply shows that you shouldn't lose up irrespective of the doctor's diagnosis.

Susan's pic with her beautiful children at age 71 are shown above.

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