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Who Is The Funniest Naruto Character Ever?

Naruto is regarded as one of the best anime ever! and "e get why." The lengendary anime series has a near-perfect blend of action and humor and almost every character has both sides of this blend in abundance. However, while it is a lot easier to determine who the strongest characters are (Naruto et Sasuke), it is a lot more difficult to determine who the funniest character is. Basically, everyone has their different views on this matter but based in general survey here are the top 6 characters that are considered by Naruto fans to be the funniest in the anime.

6. Killer Bee

All the Naruto characters with tailed beasts are really weird (even Naruto) but Killer bee is probably the weirdest. Thankfully, the 8 tails host is the funny kind of weird and this has endeared him to many Naruto fans worldwide.

5. Tobi/Obito/Madara

Regardless of who you think he is, this guy is certainly among the most hilarious Naruto characters ever, his wits and antics are superbly funny, plus his accent is a total joke.

4. Naruto

What has Naruto not done in his life, from passing an exam with a blank sheet, to learning sage mode by cheating the established rules and then finally saving the world, the gutsy Ninja did it all. In between all those heroics though, he managed to do enough stupid and hilarious things that still has anime fans in shock till date. Certainly one of the funniest lead characters in anime history, Naruto remains one of the major reasons why the anime was so successful.

3. Guy Sensei

From boastful claims to a teeth that literally shines, Guy sensei certainly deserves a spot on this list. Guy gave some of the best moments in the series and his hilarious behavior was sure to make you laugh anytime he showed up.

2. Rock Lee

If this picture of Rock Lee isn't making you laugh already then you're not a true Naruto fan. The charm of Rock Lee is that even without doing anything, his looks alone is enough to have you rolling on the floor laughing. Funny guy really.

1. Jiraiya

By far the most hilarious character in Naruto, no character can compare to Jiraiya when it comes to making you laugh. Dumb and funny is the sum total of his character and he played it to perfection. Definitely the funniest character in Naruto and one of the funniest anime character ever!

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