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30 Quotes Of Inspiration And Motivation

Don't let yourself get demotivated when troubles come your way. Just remember the rainbow shows up only after a rainy day.these and more are the quotes to inspire and motivate you

[1] Success comes when you are truly passionate about what you are doing. Passion comes when you truly believe in what you are doing.

[2]Live your life in a way that millions would crave to an example and an inspiration to others.

[3]Excellence is all about determination and perseverance . practise it and make it your habit.

[4] Feat is when we rise each time we fall and failure is when we have lost perseverance to rise at all.

[5] Every beautiful butterfly was once a dreary caterpillar.there are stages in life to pass through. 

[6] Glory comes when you go beyond what others expect of you and live your dreams.

[7] Life is a stage where you are the star. Live every day to excel and give your very best to create a place among the legends.

[8] Treat every day as a new adventure waiting to see what awaits you in the time to come.

[9] Never is success destiny; it is a combination of perception, passion and a lot of hard work.

[10] Success is never bestowed upon you; it is what you choose for yourself.

[11] Cowardliness is the biggest hurdle to success. To achieve your dream, you must be ready to put all you have at stake.

[12[ Mistakes are guiding lights to success. If you do not make mistakes, success is a far-fetched dream.

[13[ Don't wait for an opportunity to come to you, pave your own way to success and opportunities will flock to you.

[14[ Doubt everything in the world but never doubt yourself and your capabilities.

[15[ I want to continue being crazy; living my life the way I dream it, and not the way the other people want it to be.

[16] When men are pure, laws are useless; when men are corrupt, laws are broken.

[17] Never be disheartened with slow progress in anything. After all, 'slow progress' is also 'progress' and it's better than nothing.

[18[ Just like there's a key to every lock, there's a solution to every problem too. You'll find yours very soon; don't lose hope!

[19] Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Years later, you'll be calling them 'experiences' instead of 'mistakes' and they will be the key points of your success story.

[20] Never compare yourself to others, because you and them aren't writing the same exam. Always aim to be better than the person you were yesterday - you are your true competition.

[21] Never be shaken by failure. Stand tall and shake failure with your strength. Victory will come kiss your feet.

[22] If you can't change the direction of the wind, Then go with the wind, Because change can be good at times!

[23] If you believe and visualize something, Your half the task is done, It is just important to stick to your belief!

[24] The change in life starts from your thoughts, If you change your thoughts, Your life will be changed, So, change your thinking!

[25[ Happiness is just a state of mind,If you are happy from within, It will show on your face, So, you need to keep smiling always!

[26] Don't judge your life by the outcome or harvest, Judge your life by the seeds which you plant in life, Do good deeds because that is what matters in life!

[27[ Enjoy yourself in your life every moment, Don't wait for the right moment, What if next moment story of life is changed, So, live your life the right way!

[28] Sometimes it is important to fail in life, Because then only success will taste sweeter, So, failure is the next step to success in life!

[29] Though the duck swims smoothly on water, Underneath it has to struggle and pedal, Nothing comes easier in life without struggle,So stay motivated!

[30] Whenever fear knocks on your door, Always have the right courage to open the door, Because success is waiting behind the fear, Then only you will reach your goal! Kindly share these post with friends on social media...

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