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If You Are Not In The Mood To Laugh, Then Don't See These Memes

This hilarious memes have composed will make you laugh in tears.

Imagine they are couple and you beat their only child.

This is how you will win your enemy.

My reaction.

Which bridesmaid killed her?.

Another man down, I repeat another man down.

Me and my friends when Federal Government says school is not opening this year.

I mistakenly broke my mom's memory card, now I have to sing EKUEME twice to her in the morning and thrice in the night.

That feeling when you text your crush "hi" and she replies " hello love".

Virtual hand sanitizer.

When you are cleaning your room and you find that used condom you left under the bed 18 years ago.

This scene also made me cried.

9 years old ne closing my eyes in the car on the way home and trying to guess where we were.

Mention that food you can meet eat, no matter how hungry you are?.

Guys who have this game behaves as if they have made it in life.

Who missed me?.

Me trying to hold that fart that want to come out in public.

Boys vs Girls.

May your next sex lead to pregnancy.

If the year 2020 was a car.

You call yourselfa friend but where were you when my meme got only four likes?.

Content created and supplied by: Semoshina (via Opera News )

EKUEME Federal Government


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