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What All Polygamous Men Should Learn From Ned Nwoko, The Nigerian Billionaire

Ned Nwoko, the renowned Nigerian billionaire is a man with many wives. He is chided by people because of his love for young beautiful ladies. He has a lot of mansions and assets, private jets and to crown it all enviable wives and children. Though some people may be against his polygamous nature, it must be noted that the most important thing is he is a happy and fufilled man which some men with only one wife may not have. It is very evident that despite having a large family, they are all happy and living in unity and binded together in love.

This can be seen as one of his senior wives visited his newest wife, the popular Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels in the hospital when she put to bed. You can also see the love and togetherness from their pictures. This is a feat many polygamous men had been unable to achieve with or without money. Being in charge of a large family and ensuring there is no scandal is very applaudable and worthy of emulation. Here are things all polygamous men should learn from Ned Nwoko:

1) How to have a big heart: From his activities, one can say he is a man who is philanthropic and all his wives, children and his wives families benefit from him.

2) How not to be partial or biased: He shows love to all his children, loving them equally.

3) How to ensure all his wives are balanced and okay financially

4) He ensures that he carries out his responsibility as man of the house and doesn't avoid his duty as a man: Some polygamous men do nothing but move from one wife to the other, being fed by them and never providing for them and the children. Please before marrying many wives make sure you are up to the task.

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