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"You're Not an Island of Knowledge," Man Slams Reno Omokri For His Post On Twitter

Everyone knows how vocal and blunt the controversial Lawyer, Pastor and Author Reno Omokri can be. He openly trolls or slams anyone who he thinks is deserving of it. He has already publicly declared himself a Buhari Opposer. This is to show how outspoken and daring he actually is. Recently though, his boldness seems to have gotten him into some trouble on Twitter.

This afternoon, he twitted that "Drinking Alcohol is not a sin, Christ Drank wine." As expected, this caused several Twitter users to react. Some thanked him for the supposed clarification on the issue. Some others encouraged him to continue keeping it real. Some even went ahead to remind him that there were things better left unsaid due to the trouble they would cause if they ended up being vocalized. Personally, I agree with the guy who gave this particular advice.

However, going through all the reactions on the post, I discovered that several people strongly disagreed with his point of view. One particular reaction in this category by Tobwins captured my attention. In his reply to Reno Omokri's Twit, he wrote: "Having access to the internet does not provide a plate to be saying rubbish. You must learn how to shut your mouth when you have nothing sensitive to say. You're not an island of Knowledge. Oga you are a fool on this topic". There were other negative reactions as can be seen from the Screenshot below but this particular one stood out for me. See the Screenshot of some negative Reactions below:

Well, do you think Reno Omokri has overdone it this time and taken it too far with his controversies? Or do you agree with his assumptions? Let me know what you think in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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