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Regina Daniels Deserves the Wife of the Year Award(Opinion)

For the past few weeks, Regina Daniels has remained the subject of discussion in the entertainment industry. Stories flow from her successful delivery to the naming ceremony of her son. Indeed, everyone is happy for her.

Regina Daniels was born on 10th October, 2000, making her 19 years old. She was born to Rita Daniels. She had her college education at Igbinedion University Okada. She has many siblings as well.

Ned Nwoko, on the other hand, was born on the 21st December, 1960, and is currently 59 years old. He is known to be the first Nigerian to have visited the South Pole, Antarctica. They have been married since 2019.

Still in the spirit of Regina Daniels' recent birth and naming ceremony, in today's article, based on my opinion, I will be justifying the fact that Regina Daniels deserves the Wife of the Year Award. Do sit tight and read as you are at liberty to contribute in the comment section.

We all know Regina's marriage to Nwoko sets sparks everywhere. Even on the Opera News App, people went ahead to say that she married the man only for money. But money doesn't sustain a marriage like Regina's marriage has been sustained, especially a polygamous one. Besides, despite all the criticisms, she still stood her ground.

As stated earlier, Regina Daniels is in a polygamous home, and yet, has good relationships with her co-wives. In fact, Ned Nwoko once made an Instagram post commenting on how lovely his wives looked together. Polygamy is always characterised by war, therefore, Regina's relationship with her co-wives is remarkable. If only many polygamous homes could emulate this behaviour, the world would be a better place.

Recently, Ned Nwoko revealed he got married to Regina Daniels as a virgin. We all know how morality is hard to find these days, especially in the entertainment industry. Regina Daniels deserves an applause for this. It's highly surprising and remarkable.

Evident in the photo above, Regina Daniels had a very good relationship with her ex, Somadina. Some Nigerians have raised issues on how she could leave a handsome guy like this to marry an old man. I would say she was following her heart. Do not forget that love is no respecter of age.

Also, Regina has a good relationship with her ex-boyfriend, as opposed to several broken relationships in today's time. They've moved on but will always be friends.

As a youngster in the entertainment industry, I believe Regina deserves the Wife of the Year Award owing to the reasons stated above. At such a young age, she has proven to be a very good wife, even better than some women older than her. Please do well to share your thoughts on this issue in the comment section below. Also, please do not forget that is solely based on my opinion and you are entitled to yours as well.

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