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You won't be able to control your laughter if you read these memes

How was your day, or how is your day going. Do you need something to lighten the mood?, something to crack your ribs? Not to worry paulhenri has got you covered. But i must warn, you might want to take check of yourself in order no to laugh too loud.


Maybe his brain.. lol

We all kinda get confused sometimes.. lol

Please, Corona no!!

When a growing child realizes some things are not what it is

Or when you read chats of years ago, you be like, did I sound this stupid?

Ok we get it lol

Im just tired!!

Then, you wish you were flash, so you could go back to time. Lol

You know nothing Jon snow

This is how to create a bomb. Lol

In brodashaggi's tone

Did you?

I think I was one of them then. Lol


Noticing some things I never noticed, lockdown got some advantages actually.. lol

Yeah! Come get me

Its hereditary lol


This is so weird

Brodashaggi is crazy and creative

That's it for now, why don't you follow me so you'll be able to receive more memes like this. I promise to give fresh memes. We've got you!!

Meanwhile tell me which one was the funniest.

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