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Zee World Fans: Friday July 17 Update on Zara's Nikah

Irfan asks Zara to start meeting. Zara thinks Kabir your dream will fulfill, she says this meeting is important, I want to present a project to you all. Kabir says I want to talk to you Zara. One member says this is board meeting, she is not your wife but board member too, let her talk. Irfan says lets listen her.

Zara says this project is about kids who follow our religion and spread Islam's message but they dont flourish economically, this project will make them stand on their feet. Member asks if its her project? she says its Kabir's project, my husband and vice priest. Khalid says I understand your intention, how much money you want?

Your father is a head priest and you are member of board so he will pass this project for his son in law. Zara is stunned. Kabir fumes in anger. Kabir says I am sorry you all for wasting time, I didnt want to present this project here. Khalid says this is sharia board Zara, you should have atleast talk as husband and wife. 

Irfan says all are board members here, you dont have right to behave like this. Kabir says I agree with Khalid, this is sharia board not some relative's gathering. I want to take this project back, thank you, Irfan ends meeting. Kabir leaves. Zara runs behind him. Zara stops Kabir, she says one man kept blaming your wife for cheating and you remained silent? Kabir says you are member of sharia board, you became part of this board by cheating with your father. I was always against you being part of this board, why did you present my project to board?

Zara says I just wanted to help. Kabir says when girls like you start going to out of house to help husbands then this happen, I am a fool, you know thoughts of these members, you dont know anything about project. Zara says I just wanted wanted to help. Kabir says when girls like you start going to out of house to help husbands then this happen. I am a fool, you know the thoughts of these members, you dont know anything about project. Zara says I just wanted to help you.

I read everything about that project, if you had taken my side then we would have succeeded, Kabir says I despise your thinking, it made me and your father get insulted infront of all. He holds her shoulders and says I am telling you for the last time, I dont need your support for work, he leaves. Zara cries and says I just wanted to help him succeed his project. Kabir drives away. Zara thinks Kabir left me without even thinking a second? She cries and looks around. She hires a cab and leaves.

Scene 2

Kabir comes home, Shahbaz asks where is your wife? Kabir is tensed. Shahbaz says she went with you? Zara comes there and says I am here. Ayesha says to Kabir that Hamdan is coming, we should prepare, Kabir says yes dont worry. Shahbaz asks what happened in sharia board meeting? Kabir glares at Zara and leaves.

Ayesha says to Zara that I called Hamdan as you said. Zara says now Ruksaar will get married respectfully. Ruksaar gets ready, Zeenat comes to her. Ruksaar says you know how much Kabir insulted Zara outside board? Zeenat says and you are getting ready? You have to remember that Hamdan is coming to see you.

Ruksaar says dont forget that I will be seen to Kabir too and me and Zara will be seen together, we have to make Kabir see that I am better daughter in law than Zara for my thinking for this house. Kabir comes to Ayesha and asks where is Hamdan? Ayesha says he is sitting with you father. Kabir nods and leaves. Zara looks on. Ruksaar comes there all dressed. Zara thinks why Ruksaar is following us today?

Kabir looks at Ruksaar. Ruksaar thinks today my magic will work on Kabir. Ayesha says girl and boy should talk alone. Zara says there is should be someone else with them as our religion says that. Ayesha asks Zara to go with them. Kabir says no she cant go with them, she is stranger to Hamdan. Zara says but I can go with my husband right? Kabir looks on. Ayesha asks Kabir and zara to go with them.

They start walking to room. Zara says to Kabir that I am ashamed of what happened in sharia board. Kabir says its not time for all that, lets do our responsibility. Zara says lets do our duties together, she gives him her hand, Kabir holds her hand, Zara smiles, they go hand in hand. Ruksaar sees them holding hands and thinks | wont let Zara succeed. Ruksaar comes to Hamdan. Kabir and Zara sit with them.

Zara sits closely with them. Ruksaar says you both look good together. Kabir asks Hamdan about himself. He says I am an engineer and works in Dubai. He asks Ruksaar what you think about women who go out of house and work? Ruksaar says I think wife's life should be around her husband, wives shouldnt go out but sit at home to handle things. Zara says but Ruksaar is very modern, she brings new ideas and she can work out of house too.

Ruksaar says no, trust is I dont want to work outside house, my husband and house is my vutode house, my husband and house is my life. I have learned that making husband proud is what wives should focus on. Kabir nods and is impressed. Zara glares at her and thinks Ruksaar I wont let you come in between me and Kabir. 

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