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THE TRIBAL MARK: Look at what my mother-in-Law did to my baby


The tribal marks are part of the Yoruba culture and are usually inscribed on the body by burning or cutting of the skin during childhood. The primary function of the tribal marks is for identification of a person's tribe, family or patrilineal heritage.

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 My name is Adelola I have been married for the past 7yrs to my husband Bayowa

As God may have it, I took in, I have been having series of Miscarriage, especially missed miscarriage, the last one I had was threatened miscarriage before I conceived. Life have be terrible with my mother-in-Law, Always creating issues out of nothing, this kept on going on for about 2yrs because we were living in the same compound.

She was diabolic,i have always suspected her for my misfortune ever since I got married to her son.

Bayowa on the other hand was a Vegetable, he will always say "Fara bale Iyawoo mi, Ore mi o dara, meaning calm down my wife, my good friend, those words pisses me off.

Time passed-by, My baby was about 7months, on 8months Labour set in, Amniotic sac ruptured, I couldn't breathe,it was as if my waist was breaking,i called out for my husband, but it was just my diabolic mother-in-Law at home. The Next thing I was in the hospital, how I got there, I couldn't comprehend.

Few weeks I came back, my baby always stayed with my mother-in-Law, barely two months, I went to Work, coming back to my greatest surprise, I saw this tribal marks on my baby's face, what the hell could I do, I was helpless. If you were to be the one what will you do??

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Adelola Bayowa Iyawoo Vegetable Yoruba


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