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3 Reasons Angela Okorie Has Been Compared To Nicki Minaj Since Becoming A Musician (Photos)

Angela Okorie, a Nollywood actress-turned-singer, is living her dreams after releasing a critically acclaimed album and performing both in and outside of Nigeria. Angela Okorie debuted in the music industry in late 2019, and she hasn't looked back since.

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While her Nollywood fans miss her, the beautiful mother of one is unconcerned because she is focusing all of her energy on her music career.

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Angela Okorie, like any other first-time musician, has been likened to a fellow musician by fans. Surprisingly, this musician is neither a Nigerian nor an African, but the well-known Nicki Minaj. Angela Okorie has been compared to Nicki Minaj for the following reasons:

1. Both of them have a song that is similar to each other.

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Angela Okorie's most popular single to date is "Legit," which she released in 2020 in which she focused on being real and not wanting fake people around her. Nicki Minaj has a song titled "I'm Legit" that has a similar meaning.

2. They both have tattoos of their nicknames on their arms.

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Musicians aren't exempted from the trend of tattoos in today's culture. On the inside of her right wrist, Nicki Minaj has a tattoo of her nickname "Barbie." Angela Okorie, too, has a tattoo of her nickname "Legit Queen" on her arm.

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3. They both have the same fashion sense.

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Another similarity between Angela Okorie and Nicki Minaj is her hair and color choices. The American rapper is noted for her signature pink color and bob style.

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Angela Okorie has been a fan of the bob hairstyle and the pink color since she began her career as a musician. She wore a bob hairdo and pink clothing similar to Nicki Minaj when she performed at AY Live in Abuja a few months back.

Will Angela Okorie Make a Comeback in Nollywood?

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With the way her music career is going, I doubt Angela Okorie would make a comeback in Nollywood. Angela Okorie now has a larger fan base and travels with armed bodyguards. While we miss her in movies, all we can do is wish her success.

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Do you want Angela Okorie to continue in the music industry or make a comeback in Nollywood?

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