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Whose natural hair do you prefer between Ebun and Susan Pwajok of ‘The Johnsons’ (PHOTOS)

Ebunoluwa and Susan Pwajok are both Instagram influencers and apart from their beauty, they also leave fans stunned with their natural hair. It is obvious these influencers take pride in their hair as they don't slack when it comes to flaunting it on social media.

One common thing about Ebun and Susan Pwajok is that, they are on their natural hair in about 90% of their Instagram post. For Ebun, she prefers to leave her hair in afro curls or packed in buns.

Susan Pwajok loves to be more creative with her natural hair by applying hair dyes. Over time, she has used different dye colors ranging from sky blue to light purple. Due to her skin color, these hair dyes suit her faultlessly.

However, humans are created to have preferences. Between Ebun’s curly hair and Susan Pwajok’s thick natural hair, which do you prefer? Below are pictures for you to judge from.

1) Ebunoluwa: the young student Architect is an Instagram an influencer with thousands of followers. Due to her skin color and hair texture, fans have speculated on her nationality.

However, on her youtube channel, she revealed that she's a full Nigerian girl from Ekiti state. Below are pictures of Ebun rocking her black and curly natural hair.

2) Susan Pwajok: Asides from being an influencer, Susan is an actress, and she is notable for her role of Blessing, in the family TV series, The Johnsons. She has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram as of the time of writing this article.

Below are pictures of Susan Pwajok flaunting her natural hair.

These youngsters both have amazing natural hair, making it almost hard for one to choose his/her preference. However, whose natural hair do you prefer? Ebunoluwa or Susan Pwajok? Leave your answer in the comments section.

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