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FICTION: How Joint Account With My Husband Almost Ruined My Home

How Joint Account With My Husband Almost Ruined My Home.

My name is Rose, a 27 year old woman and I have been married for three years now. My husband is a 33 year old man and we are both federal workers.

We started a joint account together 18 months ago, though we have our separate private accounts but we have a targeted amount paid inside the joint account to solve family needs.

Now the issue that gives me concern is that, my husband always withdraw money from our joint account to send to his siblings and parents. I am not against that but whenever I try to do the same by sending money to my parents from our joint account, he always decline.

Whenever he wants to send money to his family, he gives me excuses like they don’t have anyone else to run to. But when it comes to my turn, he will start reminding me of our future plans and things we can use the money for.

Then I will allow peace to reign by using my private money for them.

This has happened more than six times and he has never allowed me send money to my family from our joint savings account.

This savings is not just his money, it is our money because we both contribute 50% (percentage) of our salaries into the joint account.

Now I am thinking of backing out. I told him I wish to dissolve the account, after he refused me sending money from our joint account to my sick Dad, but two days ago he sent money to his sister that stays in the East with her family.

I believe I am been taken for a fool. Yes this is a marriage but I can’t take this anymore. I told him I am not interested in the joint savings anymore, he can keep the remaining balance in the account.

He also made a statement that my family is trying to ruin our marriage.

Right now I am confused. Please what do you think I should do?

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