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8 World Records You Can Break At Any Time

Now you may probably think that the Guinness World records are only chosen for a few, but what if I told you there are records you can break at literally any moment you feel like it. Let's start

Tape your friend on the wall

How fast can you tape your friend to the wall! Ashrita Furman from USA spent 26.69 seconds to tape his partner on the wall. If you think you can do any better, then your chance awaits.

Clip your face

Silvio Sabba from Italy set a curious and painfull world record when he clipped 51 clothes pegs to his face which only took him one minute. This is really painful but if you have a strong pain tolerance then there you go.

Tennis balls record

The same person in the above managed to hold a whopping 26 tennis balls in just onehand. If you have got the balance to do so, than you can go ahead and try it.

Bang that cup

It seems that a cup percussion ensemble is a pretty fantastic thing. Such a performance earned a Guinness World records where 2398 people gathered together and performed the song "pursing" which lasted 6 minutes and 5 seconds.There you go, are you ready to take down this one. Let me know in the comments below.

Pea blowing

If you have got better lungs then you should probably head for this one. Coby Cotton from USA managed to blow a pea 26.24ft. This amazing event took place on February 13 2018.

Arrange the alphabet soup

Here, you are to make words from the letters in the soup that is if you can do it in less than 3 minutes and 21 seconds which is the current world record. Just try to make it 3 minutes and your famous.

Kick it off

Silvana Shamuon from Canada became a famous record holder after she kicked 59 items off people's heads in just one minute. Well it took her 19 years of training before doing this.

Longest human Domino

The students of Ordos City in China made the longest Human Domino line which was 7.2km with 10267 people. So if you have many friends than that, then you can go for this one. That it for today, which World record would you like to break let me know in the comments below. Remember to click the like button and also follow me for more interesting news.

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