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I Laughed Endlessly When I Saw These 25 Very Funny Pictures and Jokes.


If you are dark, you can still bleach... If you are fat, you can still be slim... But if you are short, just forget it.. No hope...

If you see a custard rubber in a lady's house, don't open it... I repeat, don't open it...

Rest in peace "SCHOOL"... We love you, but corona love you more..

To whom it may concern... Stop washing your hands inside the pot after putting maggi... I have told you o..

Just because I bought biscuits, you are throwing away your chewing gum... I don't understand you o.. what's the color of your problem?..

When a prayer point is raised in the church... Are I the only one that finishes praying first and start wondering what the others are still praying about?..

Our goal is to be rich and survive... We don't have time to be arguing that one comedian is richer than the other... Nonsense..

Have you ever dreamt of when you were falling from a very high building... That kind of dream used to carry electric shock o..

The most annoying part of Nigerians movies is when a lady wears make up to bed... What nonsense..

It is only a Nigerian parent that will wake you up by 2am in the morning to beat you for an offense you carried out by 2pm Yesterday... My friend, that is what is called CARRYOVER beating...


Thank you.

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